Trump Will Declare a National Emergency

If Mitch McConnell is correct, the President will declare a National Emergency to enable the Executive Branch to redirect budget funds to building the Border Wall.

Given that every prior use of this power use of this power has been to address a short term emergency and, in this case, the rate of people crossing the border illegally has been declining for twenty years, this is a stunning expansion of the powers of Executive Branch.

To many of us it looks like the real emergency here is the threat to Donald Trump winning re-election if he fails to satisfy the demand for a wall among his supporters.


The only question is how quickly the first injunction will be ordered by a court. This will not end well for Trump.

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There is no “emergency”. Why declare one when there isn’t?

Tell that to all the dead people.

I’m guessing the house will vote next week to terminate the “emergency” and begin the 18 day clock for McConnell…

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Thank you Lord.

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That idiot is really gonna do it, isn’t he?

A national emergency to save face on a stupid campaign promise… this is where we are at.


But there is a huge emergency. President Trump is at risk of having his ego bruised by conservative commentators in the short term and at risk of not winning re-election in 2020. Something has to be done!!!


I don’t know what I’m doing differently but it seems like I’m getting everything I want lately. In politics and in sports and personally. I’m not changing a thing.

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This is the closest Trump can come to a “win” now on the wall. Declare a national emergency and then blame the courts for not getting it.


Just think of this. While the President is focused solely on a non-emergency (border crossings are at their lowest rate in 50 years), attention is not being given to real issues. When was the last time he did anything that wasn’t about the fake wall issue?

Yup. He painted himself into a corner. He’s a horrible negotiator.

Well, he will have to deal with the whole vote/transparency in Congress first. That will be awesome, let’s see everyone on record for this ridiculous expansion of the executive.

There is a bright side for Trump Republicans. This will keep everyone’s attention off the national debt for a while.


You are ignoring $50,000 for an enhanced golf simulator in the White House. Obama’s golf simulator wasn’t good enough. I don’t know if that was paid for by tax dollars or contributor dollars.

The good new is Trump has overridden Obama’s approach to golf simulation, so I suppose Trump’s supporters will be happy.

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As well as indictments.

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This matter will end up in the Supreme Court. Any thoughts on what the vote is likely to be? Will it all come down to John Roberts again?

Now that the precedent is about to be set, I bet democratic politicians are just chomping at the bit regarding the national emergency of gun violence.


yes it does set a good president for the future