Trump will cure AIDs and Cancer in his second term!

in his speech tonight he said his administration was close to curing AIDs and Cancer.

“Democrats don’t want us to cure cancer and AIDS!”

I beat you guys to it.


some say Democrat created AID to keep the black man down.

How else to you expect them to win and keep the terminally ill vote?

AIDS and cancer free astronauts on Mars - how can anyone but the most rabid anti-American socialist be against that?



Wait. Wasn’t literally everyone laughing at Joe Biden for saying he would cure cancer a week ago?

Trump even steals his opponents gaffs!

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I’d rather go to a restaurant that says it’ll cure AIDS than a restaurant that won’t say it.


It wouldn’t be so annoying to hear this clown talk if all he did was just talk. I bet he already forgot this happened a few weeks ago.

From the article:

The Trump administration on Wednesday ended funding of medical research by government scientists using fetal tissue and canceled a multimillion-dollar contract for a university laboratory that relies on the material to test new HIV therapies.


Fat donald’s entire administration is anti-science. :rofl::rofl:

In all honesty, without the stem cell research cancer will not be cured. Sorry. But when you go backwards on stem cell research you can’t expect cancer to be cured.


The scientists just need to pray harder.


trump fulfilled every first term campaign promise so how could he be lying about this?

He’s a hoot, isn’t he? A goofball and a troll. Lol


who knew aids, cancer and space travel was so complicated?


Nov 4th, 2020. Trump is defeated.

Thread here starts with - “Libs don’t want to cure AIDS or cancer, see told you!!!”

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I wonder if there are any supporters of his who believe this?

I’ll be on board if he can find the cure for pseudologia fantastica and he volunteers to be the first test subject once human trials begin.

■■■ was with all the editing in the video?

Liberals aren’t even trying to cure aids and cancer. It’s amazing that Trump is getting so much hate for attempting to do good things. The same people attacking trump for curing aids and cancer probably also would have attacked jesus christ for taking our sins by dying on the cross.

Little known fact - Trump has a research facility at Mar A Lago. He spends his weekends golfing and curing diseases.