Trump: Why didn’t the Justice Department warm me about the Russians?

Narrator: They did.

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He’s all over the place today. Even tweeted that a senior white house official doesn’t exist and didn’t give a quote…when it was his own press department’s quote from a briefing on background.

lies and lies and lies and lies.

After Trump was told Russians were trying to infiltrate his campaign, his minions proceeded to increase their contacts with suspicious individuals, and Trump himself began to openly beg Russia to hack more emails.

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He’s just not bright.

can you link us to all the other threats he was warned about and the relative priorities of the threat warnings?

If it was a phone Russia problem, why would they tell him?

phonY not phone lol

I would love to see the link to him BEGGING . . . . please and thank you.

It was tongue in cheek begging. Hillary “lost” some supposedly compromising emails.Donald Trump “begged” the allegef Russian hackersto find them and make them public.

I remember him joking during a debate . . . but don’t remembe any begging like the poster is implying.

Exaggerating comes with the territory.

Trump needed warning that involving his campaign with Russians was a crime and a really bad idea?

Most ignorant freaking president America has ever had.

No doubt about it.




The mb an is ignorant.


Perhaps the “informant” or “person pretending to be involved in the campaign but really trying to get information” (not a spy) didn’t find any particular people of interest to warn about. After all, after two years has anyone in the campaign ever been charged with illegal contacts with Russia?

And do we know whether Trump would have acted if given only information about weak connecteions with Russia? Well, actually, yes we do. When the media revealed the numerous connections of Manafort with Russia, Manafort was removed from the campaign.

What’s sad is that anyone could have googled Manafort prior to joining the campaign to discover he had shady connections with Russians.

Extreme vetting!

They can’t even do stuff like this correctly. Expecting them to vet people is a bridge too far.

He wasn’t begging he was joking at one of his rallies!

Lol stuff like that makes him even more appealing to dumb people.

No, that was obviously begging.