Trump weighing 25% import car tarriff

in an attempt to force NAFTA concessions trump us looking at putting a 25% tarriff on imported cars in the name of “national security” its the same thing he did with his tariffs on steel.

the madman is going all out to destroy teh economy. I would hate to be a farmer who has to rely on farm exports…

i wouldnt blame the rest of teh world for just blockign the importation of american goods

Can’t wait to hear what my Trump loving BMW driving friends will have to say about this!

Let’s Make America Unaffordable Again!

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Just the latest hare brained Trump terrible negotiation telegraphing his punches that won’t happen.

Look at how terrible Trump was in the last week of China negotiations. I don’t think he could have **** the bed any harder if he was trying to.

First, you had various factions of the Trump administration with competing agendas saying and doing different things and undercutting each other. A competent, engage President would have deliberations and form a common consensus that everybody backed. Trump can’t do that because he doesn’t have the skill or experience.

That led to actual, “profanity laced tirades” of the Trump administration over disagreements in front of the Chinese they were negotiating with. Gee, I wonder if the Chinese were licking their chops over being able to exploit those deep divisions within the Trump administration, which all goes back to my first point.

Then Trump got on Twitter and publicly announced some pretty sensitive concessions, which Congress then moved to block. Trump took away his own negotiating space because he’s so desperateto be seen as a Leaderly Leader Doing Leadership.

Then Trump leaks about the concessions China had agreed to, forcing China to publicly deny those concessions. Trump not takes away his own negotiating space, he takes away China’s negotiating space.

Then after the trade talks fail, the Trump administration goes back to publicly stabbing each other in the back, leaks to the NY Times disparaging info about each other, setting the stage for massive distrust within your own ranks and letting everybody know nothing is going to change if and when talks resume.

What a bunch of incompetent, front running putzes being led the King of Incompetent Putzes.


Well, when you put it that way…


Anyone notice that in Trump’s latest tweet he misspelled Kim Jong Un’s name? He wrote “Kim Jung Un” and after over a half hour it’s still there.

I wish I could “like” this post 100 more times. Such a perfect description of the absolute clown show that is being run right now, and will lead to long-term damage to our nation. And yet, somehow, there are STILL plenty of Americans who are slavishly devoted to this man. It completely baffles my mind.

Were you guys this upset over Obama’s tarriff’s? Let’;s see, there was steel, tires and solar panels from what I recall off the top of my head.

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One of the smartest things President Obama did was to immediately bail out GM and Chrysler from bankruptcy. In times of war, the manufacturing capability of a nation is a huge factor in wining a conventional war. Much of our manufacturing capability has been shipped out of the country and all is fine…during times of peace.

Eh I was split on it. Looking back I support it.

GM and Chrysler (and to a lesser extent Ford; they were able to somehow secure a loan beforehand) ran themselves into the dirt. In Chrysler’s case that was the third time. GM is historically among the most mismanaged companies in all of human history.

But the move did save a ton of jobs and now the D3 are making better cars than they’ve ever made. Some models are now truly equal with the best Japanese and German equivalents. I’ll still generally buy Japanese in most segments but if I was in the market for a full size truck or car I would probably go American. We make great sports cars, too. And the new generation of American compact cars aren’t absolutely horrible anymore. Ultimately a Civic is still a far superior ride to a Cruze but the Cruze will at least make it past 50,000 Miles now without requiring a top end rebuild.

Overall it was a positive move in the end. At the time I was extremely irritated about it due to my political leanings and the fact that we were bailing out the two most horribly mismanaged companies in the world. But it’s been a net positive.

GM’s biggest problem wasn’t quality. It was their arrogance. Buick has been named by JD Powers as a quality brand during the time GM went bankrupt. Prior to 2008, the public was buying GMs Suburbans, Tahoes and full sized trucks but not their cars. Instead of renovating their appearance, GM ignored them. When the price of fuel skyrocketed and no one was buying the large sport utility vehicles…GM was done.

We have to protect our manufacturing base and jobs, else we will cease to be a superpower. Fair trade not free trade.

I’ve got a 99 Trans Am so I can say that GM quality was always hit or miss.

It’s a bullet proof reliable ride but I’ve had to replace interior panels, both visors (they randomly fell off), had to delete the antenna (the plastic gear stripped out; common problem) among other little odds and ends. The F-Bodies are fun but they fall apart.

…but will he cause gas prices to raise by $7 before he’s out? :smiley:

Own A 1987 GTA and 1991 Firehawk and can confirm they do nickel and dime you. If Trump were to impose a 25% tariff on car imports that would totally turn the auto industry upside down in the US. End of the day we will end up paying for it:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I like you avatar.

GM always seem to have dated/cheaper interiors. Looked at GM trucks, went Ford again. 6.7 liter diesel F350 4x4 long bed with a…wait for it…48 gallon diesel tank :sunglasses:

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Just the latest impulsive, hare brained toss off from President Trump that he’ll either forget about when Fox and Friends starts harping on something he’ll be forced to crawl back from it.

Oh goodie, a 25% tariff. I was just hoping that the price of foreign card would go up about 25%, because I hate money.