Trump: We will no longer deal with the UK Ambassador

He also chose to ■■■■ on Theresa May again, after she invited him for a state visit. No good deed :laughing:

When was the last time a UK ambassador was effectively ejected from their position by the US? Not something I can recall happening in my lifetime.

You dont break up with trump, he breaks up with you…

Always gonna be that way


Yep, won’t be long before he uninvites the USWNT.

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Shanking May is a given, Trump even did that in public on his first visit.

But that Ambassador is a completely unnecessary casualty. He was doing as his job demanded, offering a candid (private) assessment of the Trump admin to UK senior politicians.

Whoever leaked it whether intentionally or not has basically tanked his career, and for no good reason.

Makes for a fun story sure, but it’s still a mans career. All gone because your President is a ■■■■■■■ man-child who couldn’t take the criticism.


Donald really has this diplomacy thing nailed. Suck up to him or get lost.


Give it 3 days and nobody will remember

I like the fantasy in Trump’s mind that he knew how to handle Brexit. This is a man who everyone will tell you(once they no longer work for him) does not understand complex issues. Needs everything dumbed down for him. Can’t pay attention. Refuses to learn about issues. And if something is tough just drops it and moves on to what’s easy. Yeah. He knew how to handle Brexit. It’s right there next to his health care plan.


Trump’s just…ugh. " I told her how it should be done" says man who bankrupts casinos and could only accomplish cutting taxes for the rich as president which was an effort done by other people as well.

What difference does it make? :sunglasses:

To Trump supporters? Nothing ever does.

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It’d be kinda awesome if he decided to break off diplomatic relations with UK over this

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I can only imagine how long it’s going to take the next president to clean up the damage done to the image of the US on the world stage after this idiot leaves office.


To be fair, the ambassador was very very mean and very very unfair to Donald.


Why should he? If UK ambassador finds Trump admin dysfunctional, clumsy and inept.

Maybe they can appoint one that can work with this admin.

Keep in mind of there role of spying on Americans for Obama and Hillary.

Lol - UK is a big meanie.


If the ambassador didn’t see this coming, the UK is better off w/o him representing them…and it’s just that simple? This is a case of a dumb ass…with a big mouth…who bit himself.

Bold of you to assume that any rational, reasonable ambassador from the UK will come up with a different assessment of Trump.


Yep…he sure did. He was paid to give his candid assessment of this admin. How dare he do his job!



It sure is, but what about the ambassador ? :wink:


We know UK wanted Clinton…they worked with Obama administration to spy on Americans and Hillary political opponents.

They shown their true colors and their own bias.