Trump watched Super Bowl with woman accused of sex slavery at his property

The owner of the spa where Kraft was arrested attended a Super Bowl party with Trump. It is unfortunate that the president of the United States has been associated with a person who is accused of selling sex.

What the hell? That’s the actual lady who owned the spa where Kraft got busted in?

I wonder if Trump has been a client in the past.

She is the woman that founded the spas. She has sold them before the arrest, but before selling them they were suspected of being a sex parlor. The reviews of the spas show that sex acts could be purchased there.

“Libs care about morals now?”

“What, you think your side is so innocent?”

“I voted for policy, not character.”

“Lol cry moar, libs.”




Imagine the non-stop moral outrage had this been Obama.

And now for the rest of the story…

Paul Harvey - RIP

Only the best and the brightest!

Uh… Ya Tink???

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Anyone not as surprised as I am?

It’s like pizzagate without the pizza.

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Without the pizza and also with the lack of caring by the people who did believe the PizzaGate thing.

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Of course they’re not. It’s weird that this conversation is even had in the US in 2019.

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Also, per the article:

“Yang’s family still owns several South Florida spas. The family’s Tokyo Day Spa branches have attracted the attention of at least two local police agencies over allegations of prostitution, and are discussed online as places where men can pay for sexual extras”

Did Melania give him permission?

My friend plays the wife that plants the bomb.

She is super cool and thankfully people understand that she is an actress and not an actual white supremacist.

Yeah… she used to bartender at the bar on my corner.

She has had quite a few roles… a couple of TV shows that never went anywhere and character actor stuff.

That movie though has helped her a lot.

This is from several years ago for MTV.

How the hell does he have time to watch the Super Bowl?! What’s next? Filling out a NCAA tournament bracket? Laziest president ever!!!


Oh… I forgot about that super stupid criticism of Obama.


What a bizarre series of completely unrelated coincidences!