Trump@war Steve Bannon

Airs tonight on OAN

Video of preview.

Warning, language may disturb you…and libs will be insulted that I posted this.

Why would anybody be insulted by a Steve Bannon arts-and-crafts project?

Hey cool a pro trump movie by an unabashed white nationalist. Who cares.

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Conan thinks people care about what he says and does.

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I check all his posts here before I make any decisions in life


Poor widdle Donnie and the trumpletons are such victims lol. Sad!

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Steve Bannon? Is this the clown that was fired by fat donald?

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Maybe fat Michael Moore movie is better suited for libs.

What a mature comment. Kudos.

OAN is terrible.

What the hell is OAN?

Nevermind, took a quick peek at the website. Lol!

One America Network.

They’re terrible.

Just one example.

“We have some breaking news for you that we want to announce. Our unofficial polling shows Senate candidate Roy Moore sweeping the election right now in Alabama by a large margin,” the host says in the video.

This is a perfect coming from a poster who actually lied in the 9/11 thread.

OAN still exists? Steve Bannon is still trying to be relevant? These are the two biggest revelations in this thread.