Trump Wants to Fire Wilbur Ross Over Census Failure

The buck stops with someone else other than fat donald. We all know he’s too cowardly to fire anyone in person, so we’ll be on the lookout for his tweets.

President Trump is considering firing Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross after his department failed to force through the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, NBC News reports. White House officials told the network that Ross could be out as soon as this summer if Trump pushes ahead with his plan.

Wasn’t he going to issue another EO to get his way?

In a rational world, Ross would have been fired when it was revealed through the Paradise Papers that he had an investment in a Russian Shipping Concern that he didn’t disclose to the Senate during his confirmation.


i think someone should investigate the administration what do you think?

It would be nice if Congress would hold the Executive accountable.

But they won’t.

So here we are.

It is ridiculous that this question is not part of the census.

Rejected because the justification did not pass judicial review?

Pretty bad performance IMO.


What relevance does the question have to the purpose of the census?

So we know how many people are residing in the US under a status of other than citizen and to help set future immigration policy.

Could help verify and clear up the wildly inaccurate numbers thrown about.


I’m not concerned about Wilbur losing his job; he can always ask for a loan

That’s not the purpose of the census… That information (and a lot more) is gathered on the ACS.

I’m quite sure illegal immigrants will be totally honest when filling out that particular question. Why wouldn’t they be?

If only they had argued that in court they might have had a chance.

But that is not what they argued.

They argued that it was about the Voting Rights Act and got laughed out of court… especially when documents came to light that the entire thing is engineered to rig apportionment in favor of the GOP.

Which has a ridiculously low sample size.

It is an easy and apt question to ask. Opposition to this is full of bad intentions for our national construct.


So you prefer undercounts instead… Is that positive for our national construct?

It’s a question to scare non-citizens like my mother who has been a legal resident (green card holder) for at least 25 years.

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Better question would be:

why was it removed from the census in the first place. It was on in one form or another until 2010 when the long form was discontinued.

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You have to wait at least ten days to find out, if it’s fake news or not…

well at least we’re through with special counsels

The last time it appeared on the census was in 1950… The long form was replaced with the American Community Survey which includes a citizenship question. The American Community Survey actually started in 2005.


That wasn’t Congress, that was the Executive that appointed the Special Council.

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