Trump Wants NATO Countries to Bump to 4% Defense Spending


You sound like you and the “libs” could be great friends.

Now why do you hate American hegemony?


Washington dedicates a large part of his farewell address to discussing foreign relations and the dangers of permanent alliances between the United States and foreign nations, which he views as foreign entanglements.


Classic Liberalism, yes. Its principled. Libertarian. Small Government, lots of liberty for individuals.

Present Day fascist deranged Demorats, claiming to be progressive but actually are totalitarian.


American hegemony is good if its the ideals of liberty, free market capitalism. Those ideas should hold sway everywhere.


That’s what America promotes at an international level. The world has prospered and we have with it. You want to see that torn down and us to recede back into our shells, that’s what China wants that’s what Russia wants.

Hell no


No. I don’t want a small skirmish in a small country result in WWIII, because we were obligated.

I want to preserve our freedom to choose what we will do, when that happens.


Throwing around that WW3 rhetoric like a good comrade.

If leave that void will be filled and your buddies are just itching for it.


Perhaps you. They worked to throw our political system into chaos, and Deranged Democrats are colluding with them every day as far as I can see.


In these very quotes you go from advocating the US selling Europe arms to that should buy them from China and Russia directly to you never said any of that.

Good job.


Ask a few simple questions and this guy trips all over himself.




Was it a lie when your former President told us all that our average insurance premium would drop by $2500? Which lying news source do you get your news from? The ones who claim every single decision that Trump has made is a catastrophe? Those lying sources? The ones who lied about Trump/Russia collusion? The ones who said the economy would collapse under Trump? The ones who said that gays would be shipped off to camps under Trump? How about the lies of your former V.P. You know the one who told African Americans that conservatives want to put “y’all back in chains?” You mean those lying sources?

Are those your lying news sources?


Are you denying that Trump is a liar?

Do you think he lies more then Obama?


It’s not a competition to see who the biggest liar is.

Democrats only care about the lies of Republicans. Republicans only care about the lies of democrats. Partisans always give their own liars a free pass. So what the hell is the point?


Now why would they do that?. Why not buy American product which is better and cheaper?


It once was. What changed?


Did you not want better? Was this not supposed to be more of the same?

Why are you not holding Trump to the standard you set for Obama?


The question is why do you think that any sovereign, if they chose to increase spending in a particular sector, wouldn’t dump as much of it as they could in their own country?

They are not stupid.


But we are.


You see where you libs are being hypocritical here?

If running a continued trade deficit is such beneficial to ones country why are’t the Europeans doing it?

Why are they fighting to protect their trade surplus?

Why not buy American military hardware with profits off that surplus,and thous increase there own security against evil bad Russians?

You guys been brainwashed and don’t even know it.


Speak for yourself. You’re the one who seems to think a country can write a check or get a ELOC against a surplus balance of trade or some such…