Trump Wants NATO Countries to Bump to 4% Defense Spending

You realize we basically paid for their expansionism into eastern Europe.

You do understand what Trump is trying to do don’t you?
European has 150 billion dollar surplus with United States…and they can’t defend themselves against Russia?

Trade deficit s larger then entire Russia military budget.

Now if Europeans are really serious about their defense…use that trade surplus to buy American military hardware.

My God folks…is this really that hard to figure out? Or I’m I the only dumbass here that can?

Grow up man and think for a change.

I don’t think he wants them to agree. That’s the only explanation.

Doesn’t know how this even works.

You seem to think Islamic fundamentalist are only at war with United States.

That’s fantastic news! Any idea in how much in defense cuts in the US that will provide?

The only reason it does is because no one believes anything that comes out of his mouth.

For those with short memory

Europeans lost many more of their citizens do to Islamic fundamentalist then United States.

9/11 brought USA into their fight.

Who cares? Makes no difference to us how much they spend on defense.

No. Trump ALWAYS accuses others of doing what he has been caught doing. It is his thing. He’s accusing others of being cozy with Russia because he is guilty of it.

Ask yourself this libs.

IN next couple months Europe announces that they’re going to buy 200 plus billion dollars of hardware over 10 year period to strengthen their defense.

What will you libs say then?

Inquiring minds want to know?

Then I’ll say they’re obviously preparing for a land invasion of Russia.

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Of course.

4% will happen right after mexico pays for the wall

Wasn’t that your theory before the election?

I you wonder why I ignore you.

What? You don’t think the EU is going to invade Russia anymore? Why not? They aren’t interested in their vast mineral deposits anymore?

He’s like an insanely jealous boyfriend who’s always accusing the girl of cheating. Definitely cheating himself.

There are announced defense deals all the time. Literally yesterday the State Department approved a $650 million sale of AMRAAMS to Great Britain and a $90 million sale of the same to Denmark. That was just yesterday. In June there was approval for a $680 million AEGIS deal for Spain. This year alone Germany has been approved for almost $4 billion in drones and transport aircraft sales. They happen all the time.

Good…keep it coming and buy more.

You’re missing the point. They are buying more, they pledged to spend more back in 2014 and they’re all working toward that. Which they reiterated again. So then Trump waltzes in and for the first time since it’s formation there’s doubt about the United States’ commitment to the most successful military alliance of all time. And this helps the US and NATO how? The answer is that it doesn’t. But it definitely helps Russia.

Bye the way, I am curious what Trump’s reaction will be when Macedonia(I forget what it’s new name will be) gets invited to join NATO this week. Hopefully he doesn’t say something stupid.