Trump Wants NATO Countries to Bump to 4% Defense Spending

just turning a phrase…

So do we add this to the long list of topics you don’t actually know anything about? NATO, Libya, Ukraine, Mueller’s probe, Cohen, Manafort…


Believing that NATO members owe back payments isn’t thinking outside the box. It’s inventing a reality that doesn’t exist


More like mindlessly repeating a falsehood


Europeans couldn’t even protect let alone project power in there bathtub called Mediterranean sea.

Maybe you need to get into a box. A box titled “Reality and how things work”, instead of whatever bizarre fantasyland you currently are romping around in.

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That’s a perfect projection… Why did we bomb Libya into Chaos and leave it to rot? lol!

From the comments Trump has made he doesn’t have a clue on how NATO works. And so when he says “payments” instead of “spending” his base goes along with it. I find it funny to hear this crap from folks who just a few years ago claimed that Democrats were “low information voters”.


That literally makes no sense.

Oh dear. Does NATO survive the week?

Good for Trump.

Time for Europeans to step up to the plate. They demanded we do something in Yugoslavia years ago. They demanded United States do something in Libya not to long ago…and recently they wanted us to do something about Syria.

And that’s all in there back yard.

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Isn’t that tweet an admission of the threat Russia poses?

We are literally the only nation to ever invoke article 5.

Who do you think you are?

In case anyone is wonder Trump game plan is.

He wants them…meaning European Union to use some of that 150 plus billion dollars in trade deficit to buy American hardware for their defense.

You guys do understand this don’t you?

Yeah. I’m trying to remember if NATO has helped us in Afghanistan for seventeen years. Oh yeah. They have. Because we demanded it. The only NATO member to ever invoke Article 5. Did that slip your mind?

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So what!!!

So what is that you were just bitching about us helping them. When they actually honor the NATO treaty when we’re the only ones who ever asked for it and to say “So what!!!” shows how ridiculous your argument is.

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That’s not how this works. It’s not a fund. It’s providing forces, and there is no money being exchanged.

Then Trump is a bigger idiot than I thought. Europe has it’s own defense industries, and they are the ones that are going to get rich, not U.S. ones.

Not too mention the lives they have sacrificed on our behalf, through the only invocation of Article V.