Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


wrong again.

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“The vast majority of asylum seekers from Central America petition for asylum at ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

They are legally documented. :slight_smile:



No, they aren’t. Stop believing propaganda.


Holy crap. She’s made a career over using illegals as political pawns. As a great tennis player once said: “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!”


Just telling you what I heard on the news today. And I think I made that clear when I said " I heard this morning" That this was not me making something up.


This is who the manly Republicans are scared of. How will we survive the invasion?


It actually makes sense to send them to Pelosi’s district since they have the infrastructure and multi-linguists necessary to help meet the demand.

Why send them anywhere else? Pelosi should be insisting he district accept them…You know walk the walk.



Why would you think that?

Every American has spent a lifetime accepting and living and working with people from around the world. No other place can say this…None. One thing we ask in return…Follow the rules and the law. It is as we do and part of OUR culture.



Why do I think Republicans seem scared? Because they keep crying about a bunch of families looking for a better life as being an invasion. It’s so devoid of logic that fear is the only reasonable explanation.


well except out President and the state of Ohio.



Okay. I can only speak for myself. It’s just my opinion mind you.

I don’t believe that we can absorb millions of the world’s poor. We cannot bring millions of low skilled people here and put them on public assistance. Grossly increasing our numbers of poor will bring down everybody’s quality of life. It is certainly not sustainable indefinitely. There will be a breaking point. Plus they do bring in drugs, crime, disease, rape, murder, human trafficking and other nasty things. The argument is not whether or not they bring it. The argument is how much. Also, I don’t like the idea of open ended population growth. We refuse to even face the idea that we live in a finite country with finite resources. I personally do not want to see millions of more acres of land paved. I’m a nature lover. I love wilderness.

There. You no longer have to reach for an explanation. You just got one. You’re welcome!


So are we in agreement this was a dumb idea?


Me? Absolutely not. I love it. Gets them closer to the polls so we can get them voting.


So it wasn’t a joke?


Trump makes his own supporters look really bad faster than any president I’ve ever seen. I would be afraid to comment on anything.


The WH JUST put out a statement saying the policy was no longer being considered. :rofl::rofl:


Anyone who hires illegals should be held accountable. They are part of the problem.


Donald Trump certainly knows how to work the gullibles.


Sure, if we want all these kids brought in with what might be parents, they are going to need welfare, all those who supported sanctuary cities, which means open arms for all people. They voted against the wall, this is the result. Why don’t you take a picture of all poor people throughout the world, is it the United States obligation to feed the whole world’s kids? Why is this ‘punishing’, if those who want these kids here, they should welcome them with open arms. No wall, they want unlimited chain migration, they want the visa lottery, the economic consequences are way higher than the cost of a wall. ‘I am proud to be a sanctuary city’ but I don’t want to have to use local resources!!!. You people want them in, you need to pay for them.


What. In the ■■■■■ Is wrong. With this guy?


Its what I would call leading from behind, no solutions, no ideas just pure poison and tribalism.

Republicans and so called conservatives are locked into a death spiral, of hiring em, bitching about it and trying to lower the numbers by just making life more miserable…

Frankly their lives are already miserable, short of shooting em it cant get much worse…