Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


I don’t care about the half black half white man, it was his aborhent policies, creating an executive order forcing us to accept a whole bunch of people that we did not accept. However, it is scumbag that people are forced people in Yuma Arizona are forced to accept thousands of immigrants that they never asked for. They are forced to feed these people who have no skills, forced to feed kids, forced to take in people who can cause crime to go up. Scumbag is more likely Nancy Pelosi and colleagues who don’t want to build a wall to keep these people out, and say they are the spark of life or whatever. But these people in Yuma Arizona ate forced to take in all these people, and the people who refused to build a wall, refuse to catch and deport, but catch and release into Yuma Arizona, but when they refuse to fix the problem, they think it is Trump ‘punishing them’. If that is what they want people to accept them, and they are gifts and helps to the United States, I thought they were gifts, they should accept these people with open arms? If it is Trump attempting to punish them, I thought these were good. In other words if it is punishing, it is the not in my back yard, but it is punishing the people of the United States of America, the whole rest of the Country is getting punished by this open border policy. Don’t tell me they are not open borders. They support the catch and release into the United States. They voted against Kate’s law. They voted to support Sanctuary cities. Against ICE. But hey, somehow it is ‘punishing’ them if they get a taste of their own policy. But somehow how is it not ‘punishing’ the rest of the United States by their policies. Who in the world are scumbags except the Democrats policies pushing their anti-border policies.


Trying to stop all these women/girls from getting raped. Where are all the Democratic Christians doing nothing to stop a policy where all the women and girls are getting raped. It is the Democratic policy encouraging the sex trafficking. Christians tend to be against sex trafficking I guess Democrats are fine with that.


Lets try to limit the stupid could we?


How did that work out for Regan? He gave the left what they wanted. He fell for the left’s promise that we would never have a problem again if we gave amnesty to the illegals in 1986. They were going to fix the problem and secure the border. Did the left keep their promise or even attempt to keep their promise? Does not look like it.
Now here we are in 2019 and have over twice as many illegals. Why should we give the left what they want again. Which is more amnesty. When we know that 30 years from now our grandchildren will have the same problem. Because the left never intend to keep their side of the bargain.
What is that old saying that I have heard. I think it goes the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.
We no longer believe the lies of the left. We want different results.


Paying for them to be transported to Sanctuary cities who believe more illegals will create an economic boom and lower their crime rates, would be cheaper for Red states than having to mitigate the damage they would expect to be done to their economies by having the illegals foisted on them without their consent, draining state funds and increasing red state crime rates. Blue states should be celebrating this early Christmas present.


I actually think this is a splendid idea. I hope trump goes through with it.


They went from being duped with the 1986 agreement signed during the Reagan Administration to today, where Trump is actually attempting to fulfill the promise made back then to all of those who went along with legalizing millions of illegals aliens.


Foisted on them without their consent? Pretty sure the farmers and contractors who employ them give their consent.


These aren’t Mexicans.


we get that.


It doesn’t matter what they are. Do you really think they won’t find someone willing to employ them? Do you think they’re just going to sit on the sidewalks of San Francisco and beg for money?


Of course it matters. You think there isn’t a system behind seasonal workers? You think it’s just random? It is an industry and it is practically unionized. A farmer doesn’t just pick up a crew on the corner.

You think the Mexicans are going to let these people replace them without a fight?

They don’t have to beg. Social safety nets are available.


So…in your example, when libs hire illegals in San Francisco, do they pay them a $15 minimum living wage?


Obviously not.


What social safety nets? They will find jobs. Don’t we have record unemployment?


California has all kinds. San Francisco has more.

Find jobs doing what? They aren’t legally allowed to work. They promised not to.


That was a refreshing answer. Thanks.


You think Nancy might be getting pressure from her Mexican constituents to keep them out?


Don’t you think you’re assuming a lot about them?


Now who gonna pay for the buses.