Trump wanted to release asylum seekers into Nancy Pelosi district (4-12-2019)


Revenge? I thought immigrants were our strength? Or is that only when they are dropped into flyover country and in poor neighborhoods?


Maybe we should set up camps in wealthy liberal neighborhoods. That way the elite will not have to travel far to get their cheap landscaping, nannies and household help.


Well you know the old realtor refrain right? Location, location, location.


She beat you to it.


They should be building low income housing in there neighborhood…as someone mention Martha’s Vineyard for example. Bill Gates should build one in Medina, or Beverly Hills.


Dammit Sneaky, this is the second time that you beat me to the punch!


Right. Placing “immigrants” In poor areas or far away from their wealthy benefactors is racist. That’s proof enough for me. THEY HATE BROWN PEOPLE!!!


I know a little about it by myself as my mother moved me to the U.S. from Norway when I was nine after her divorce, she married an American man and we moved here. We had to go through the full process and didn’t attain citizenship until i was 15.


This is my favorite part!

The Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer, who was at the scene, tweeted that police eventually showed up and demanded that Ms. Loomer and the others provide identification, which they refused.

“[Calif. Gov.] Gavin Newsom said we don’t need IDs,” Ms. Loomer reportedly told the police.



Pelosi’s district is the 12th District. It is North San Francisco and is most definitely a sanctuary city.



Obama built those “cages” and used them, too. In fact, many of the pictures used to damn Trump were taken during the Obama presidency.

They are there to keep children AWAY from adults who we are not sure are known to them and that is our DUTY, until we know with certainty. Lots of adults borrow kids to use them to get into the country. It’s a well-known tactic to evade deportation.

They are chain link fencing so that federal officers can instantly see what is happening in the segregated area without having to open doors all day and night. All of what is done is to PROTECT kids.

One would have to be a real idiot think they were built to be in any way cruel to the kids. Quite the opposite, they are there to protect the kids and keep watch on them.



Excellent point. So it will be ignored by the left.


Trump doesn’t seem to realize that these sanctuary cities such as Los Angeles already have a lot of Latinos and illegal immigrants. So why would people in those cities care?


Asylum seekers are not illegals, just like the people on the MS St. Louis were not illegals.

Wished we would have let them in, but people like yourself saw to it that “undesirables” were kept out much to the nations shame.



Why can’t Trump just turn these kids over to traffickers, you know, like the Obama administration did.


It’s one of the greatest ideas to come out of Washington. Those who want to be sanctuary cities, this is your opportunity to put your city where your mouth is. This is absolutely the right thing to do and I’m for it 110%.


Why are you lumping Latinos in with illegals?

If they don’t care, let’s do it. Glad to see you found common ground with the President.


And then a reporter starting calling mayors of these cities and they said they would welcome them…


Problem solved then.

The Daily Beast?


Now all the administration has to do is come up with the money for this plan…

Are you suggesting they have fabricated the quotes?