Trump wanted his personal pilot to head the FAA. The critical job is still vacant amid Boeing fallout

Here’s an idea. Can Trump voters/supporters pressure our President to fill the important positions that are left unoccupied? Like this one. Can you guys call your congress people and tweet/email the White House about the importance of hiring honest, qualified people for the important roles in our government?

That shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We all want qualified people in the roles that our President has control over.

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It’s pretty bonkers. As Bannon said… destroy the administrative state.

We are seeing it happen and people agree with it because in a lot of ways they only pay attention to government when it screws up, not the day to day operations that keep the largest and most technologically complex economy to ever exist chugging along.

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Now, why in the world do we need to be wasting money on the FAA? What do people want - safe flights or something?

There are many key departments with no actually “leader.” They’re all “acting.” The FAA position should be filled with a qualified person who knows the ins and outs of aviation, not a personal pilot.

But we all know he “hires the best people.” hahahaha