Trump vs. Swamp(Republican Establishment+ Democrats)

What do you think? No matter what side you’re on politically, do you think that it is pretty much a requirement in today’s politics to be able to be a great liar?
Democrats or Republicans. No matter what levels of government you’re in?
Than again, politics have become a lot more liberal Democratic in the past 60+ years. lol.

Avocados are good this time of year.

I never really liked avocados.

Guacamole is the best. Nothing fancy - avocado, garlic, S&P, squeeze of lime.

Best avocados are from CA.

I do like garlic, and limes, and lemons! I went to the carnival here a little back, and got me a lemon shakeup I think they’re called? full of sugar, and bad for my diabetes type 2, but oooooooooh so wonderful! lol. Don’t really like Guacamole either.

I do love mine with cilantro, though.

ewe California! Maxine Waters, and liberal socialist crap and corruption there. lol.

I’ll stick with my garlic and Ms. Dash.

Cilantro works too, yes.

You’re just jealous!

A dallop of sour cream stirred in, too.

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sour cream on potatoes is really good and lots of butter!