Trump vs George Conway

This is beneath the office of the president… Why is he acting like a spoiled child going after Conway. We have bigger problems in the world instead of going after a guy who is a critic of you. Plus why is Trump making Kellyanne choose between her husband or him… Come on man

Deplorable, appalling, beyond juvenile.

The president of the United States smashing and trolling publicly the spouse of one of his employees.

Will be pathetic if Kelly Anne chooses to stay versus quit.

Short answer - he’s acting like a spoiled child because he is a spoiled child who just happens to have aged into his 70’s without growing up.


He’s an awful human being and morally and ethically bankrupt.

Plus a narcissist and a pathological liar.

I’d agree, but I suspect she’ll stay on the job. She’s seen enough to know exactly what Donald Trump is. Hell, look at what he said about Mrs. Cruz - and now “Lyin’ Ted” is kissing up to Trump.

This has been the weirdest clown show I’ve ever seen.

“Husband from hell” -fat donald

This is coming from a pile of ■■■■ that slept with a porn star right after his wife had a baby.


This is what our President is up to today. Publicly trashing the spouse of one of his most loyal employees.

Yeah, any guy that openly brags about grabbing random women by the ■■■■■ has absolutely no room to talk about what kind of husband another man is.

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Let see:

  • Grabs women by the ■■■■■
  • Married three times
  • Multiple sexual misconduct allegations while married
  • Countless extramarital affairs
  • Sex with a porn star right after wife had a baby
  • Sex with a playboy model while married
  • Illegaly paid off both playboy model & porn star
  • Raped his wife
  • I could go on and on.

Yep, you’re right, this piece of ■■■■ has no room to talk.


I’ll be interested to see where KellyAnne’s loyalties lie with this little feud, or if she’ll attempt to play Switzerland.

Part of the reason, also.

This is ridiculous…

At any other place of employment he would be fired. Why does he think this is ok?


I fully expect most trump supporters to come in here and condemn this behavior.

Yes, the Bush type of the republicans would just take it… Trump is a fighter!

Publicly dating Marla Maples while his wife and 3 young children cried at home. And loving the tabloid attention he received with it.

Sick puppy.

@PurpnGold this is why trump thinks it’s ok.


Because he is a child. More specifically, he’s a mildly retarded sociopath. His brain never developed much past his teenage years.

There is no course of action left for Kelly Anne that is not completely pathetic other than outright denunciation of the President.

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trump is a joke. He spends more time being an idiot attacking people and calling them names than he does National and International affairs. What an embarrassment and true reflection on American arrogance and absurdity.