Trump vows to bring all US troops home from Iraq 'shortly'

Another Promise Kept almost certainly “shortly” after the next election, no thanks the the liberal media, our deep state intelligence community, or our appointed stupid military generals.

1/3 of those in Germany are already being redeployed.

Iran approves :iran:

Good. Maybe between this and the money, they’ll behave.

Did libs stop wanting our troops out of Iraq?


Good - I will applaud this. We should never have gone into Iraq in the first place.

SH was a brutal dictator but no threat to the United States.

To my shame I was a gung ho supporter of the invasion of the invasion of Iraq but as no actual WMD were found I started to question everything.

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It’s great that our President is finally correcting the simple mistakes of previous Presidents mere months after his second term election is concluded. Has any President declared such a record breaking victory in just 4+ years?

In August of 2011 Donald Trump said “Well, I think he could have gotten out a long time ago,” Trump said. “These wars are a disaster. Iraq is going to be taken over by Iran the minute we leave. They’re going to take the second largest oil reserves in the world — which by the way we should have taken. So, Iran is already 100% as sure you’re sitting there Iran will go as soon as we leave and they take over Iraq and those oil reserves.”

Pretty damn smart taking those oil reserves!

I am sure some of them will oppose it just because its Trump. Just like a number of Trump supporters (some of them on this forum) pretend they were never supportive of the invasion or the Patriot Act.

And as usual the US government (regardless of president) has a tendency to abandon those who serve when they return.

Many veterans are homeless, suffer mental health issues, addiction and families broken. Its ■■■■■■■ unconscionable this situation is allowed to exist.

During the economic financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 billions could be found to bail out businesses who were to large to fail. Billions has been found for financial assistance to Americans during COVID-19 so why couldnt the same money be found to provide every single veteran who has ever fought for this country the support and help they need.

They serve, they sacrifice and then become some of socieities most vulnerable and are ignored.

And for every veteran who is put into the public eye to show the amazing state of the art prosthetics they are countless more who got ■■■■ all.

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I don’t know any homeless veterans from my generation. They’re all on pensions.

I have experience with the homeless in Indiana and Ohio, a sizable number are veterans with mental health issues.

The need for a support system after a traumatic experience is critical and for many the support system is just not there.

How is it there for some and not for others? Never in US history has there been so much support.

Some are choosing not to go that route. You can’t make them accept help.

Same here, on all points.

They sound like the older, more cynical generation. Deployments are not even a requirement to receive a VA pension.

This is something I have direct experinece with and the whole they are homeless by choice ignores why they make those choices which are fuelled by addiction and mental health issues.

Yes there is more help at any other time but its not like the US government after previous wars Had a great track record of providing help. So to say there is more help doesnt mean there is adequate support.

But to be quite honest this is a not a topic I am going to get into a pissing contest about.

I assure you there are not. You live in a rural area, go to a large city, connect with the homeless and find out the true story.

A pension is useless on its own for those with a myriad of mental health and substance abuse problems.

I have direct experience with it from the other end.

The help is there. You can’t make them take it.

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You say that under a lot of assumptions about my experience.

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Okay. Your right there is no issue. Feel free to delete my posts as I was wrong. The people I have worked with were obviously lying or just losers who should have made better choices.

Thanks for opening my eyes. I will not waste another minute in trying to help those wastes of spaces.

You know me better than that. All I can go by is what you share on here.

You have always struck me as a more realistic person than others on this forum. I know you have fought your own personal battles so honestly mate no insult was intended and if I have you have my genuine apology.

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America control zero oil reserves in Iraq, Syria, or any other middle eastern country.