Trump vows to begin deporting millions of invaders next week

What choice does he have? For the two years that we had republican control of congress, the republicans refused to act for border security. Since the dems took over, they will not work with the President on border security or any other issue. All they are interested in is launching yet another lame assed investigation.

Reality check? Will this actually happen? I’m skeptical. If it is attempted, and that is a big if. Some busy body judge will probably interfere and invent a claim that it’s unconstitutional. We’ll see. But I’m not very optimistic.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

About time though. Maybe some America-hating crazies can join them in solidarity.

As I said. Some bleeding heart judge will no doubt stick his nose in it and put the interests of foreign nationals above that of U.S. citizens.

This is going to be just like his FISA document release pledge…


Another promise Trump won’t keep. Winning!

How is fat donald going to remove millions of illegal invaders? Where are these millions of illegals invaders specifically located?

I doubt trump has informed ICE or homeland security of this…


Impossible to tell about the FISA. It’s like calling a winner of a baseball game in the 5th inning. The investigation is still in progress. Just because it is not being done on your time line does not mean it’s not being done. But, I am skeptical about the deportations.

Do you favor deportations?

This sounds a whole lot like the “deportation force” many on the right assured us was simply hyperbole that would never come to fruition. Another example of Trump the failed leader ramping up the ugliness in order to take the focus off of his own inadequacies as a man.


He has. They are pleased to be able to do their jobs. If the judiciary doesn’t stick it’s nose in it.

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The deportation force is already in existence. They have simply not been used.

Today’s top story: Donald tweeted another vow.

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That pesky Constitution. Always getting in the way!

Wait. You mean he didn’t go over this with you? He won’t be doing it ICE will. They know their business. They are trained professionals. I would leave it to them. I heard that he will start with the ones who have legal deportations orders already in place. You agree with that. Right?

He will start with those who already have legal deportation orders. You’re okay with that. Right?

We’re not the ones making the pledges here, OP. Maybe you should ask your boy in the WH why he keeps making these BS vows that go nowhere?

Let’s say it does happen? Can “we” then all unite and sing…“happy days are here again”? :sunglasses:

Do you like the idea of ICE deporting people who already have deportation orders?

If a giant, militarized force starts roaming through the country looking for brown skinned people to round up? While I agree that probably sounds like an ideal version of America to some conservatives, I think I’ll take a pass.


Let’s rephrase this more accurately, without the hyperbole and feelings…shall we? If ICE starts enforcing the laws, looking for illegal aliens to deport…