Trump vows ‘severe punishment’ if U.S. determines Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi

What will he do? Nix some trade deals?

He needs to shut up and mind our own business. This has nothing to do with us.

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Hillary Clinton is probably involved. Lock her up.

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Nope… they are going to do nothing about it.

By next week this will be down the memory hole.

Good. It has nothing to do with us.

Yeah. I pretty much count on him to lie.

Severe punishment? What, he will only allow xxx amount of arms sales instead of xxxx?

What about our arms sales going to the Saudis and others that are leading to a huge increase in innocent civilian deaths?

Where is our Congress on blocking that?

Where is Trump on putting his heel spurs down on the Saudis being involved with our sold arms in that?

I just wonder how many of his Marred-A-Lago cronies are doing investments off what he tells them about deals he is making-approving with the Saudi’s et al?

Where is the “severe punishment” for the death of all of these innocents?

You’ve appointed yourself the policeman of the world, and murdering dissidents in consulates on foreign territory is rather a big faux pax in international law.

Putin already feels entitled to conduct fairly open assassinations on foreign soil, that’s maybe something the US doesn’t want to see spread to other regional powers.

Norms are pretty hard to put back together when ■■■■ like this goes unpunished.

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I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but the guy was an actual legal permanent resident.

He ain’t gonna do ■■■■■ The Saudis own an entire floor at trump tower.

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And this:,amp.html

Your turn.

Not a citizen. Not killed here. Not killed by citizens.

Regarding the Yemen article you included in your post:

CNN exclusive access to a trove of documents that show fragments of US-manufactured bombs at the scene of a string of other incidents since 2015, when the civil war began. In each of those cases, civilians were either killed or put at risk.

Obama killed a whole lot of ME civilians with his drone strikes so I’m not surprised there is residual shrapnel of US made bombs all over the Middle East! Obama will be killing civilians for years to come, it’s like the gift from hell that keeps on giving! Obama’s “Arab Spring” has turned the ME into a freaking “Arab Nightmare” and there is more unrest in the region then there ever was before.

In regards to Saudi Arabia, they have money to buy weapons and if they don’t buy them from the USA they will buy them from Russia or China and align with those countries. Its bad enough that the whacked out liberal Dems today are so “Russia-Russia” deranged from the election and are at war with their fellow citizens that they can’t, won’t, or just don’t see other foreign threats such as China, and the delicate balance of diplomacy especially in the ME where sometimes you have deal with devils because the entire region is literally hell on earth!!

This case is between SA and Turkey against a SA citizen residing legally in America but that doesn’t mean the USA has to take the lead. I say the two countries involved hash it out or maybe the United Nations take some action that could include the USA recommending harsh treatment that other nations would have to vote and approve.


who actually reported on the craziness of Islam.

Kinda funny that Trump has taken harder stances against Canada and our Europe allies than against an actual sponsors of terrorism (Saudi Arabia)

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So, if another country does something we find morally reprehensible, we should ignore it?

Weak response. Donald knows how to project strength, and other world leaders respect and adore him as a result.

They probably just beheaded the journalist
No biggie.

Just one less Enemy of the People to worry about.