Trump v Democrats

The Kid Sniffer they need, not the Kid Sniffer they deserve.


not. they have less than 300k between them, more like 1.2M

But that was the OP’s point – that Trump was drawing more votes than a hotly contested primary in some states. You can’t play it both ways,

Agreed. Does not bode well for Dems in the general election.

I’m not. You would expect more voters in a contested primary. A lot more. Check out Obama’s numbers in 2012. nothing near this level.

Local elections.

There are other people on the ballot besides Donald Trump on a primary ballot. Primaries are not just about the election for President.

However if we want to use your logic.

Trump won Tennessee in 2016 but 130k more Dems came out to vote than GOP in a GOP state.

And Arendt already pointed out in NC and CO, two battleground states, Dems majorly outvoted GOP.

The data you show doesn’t support the conclusion you drew.


yeah, for some. been my experience though that in local election primaries, turnout is extremely light.

You brought up polls in a turnout thread. Meow

They got Sanders performance wrong by more than the margin of error.


what conclusion?

go look at Obama’s numbers in 2012. not even close. NC did have 2 statewide offices with primaries. both were pretty much no contests and Trump drew more votes than either of them.

Also, its kind of silly to compare general election results to the results of an uncontested primary. Using your logic, Trump must have won all 50 states in 2016.

Good lord what is that website? That article reads like it was written by an angry drunk middle schooler.

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There’s been more participation in elections since 2012…primaries included.

The numbers are meaningless.

Look I think Trump is winning. I’ve already stated that.

But you can’t tell from the primary tallies is all I’m saying.

Obama received 766,077 votes in NC’s 2012 primary. Not even close? It’s 16k MORE.

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He got 2.1 million in California in 2012…and that primary was held in JUNE.

Yeah…shoot the messenger when ya don’t like the message…amirite? :sunglasses:

Without knowing the number of registered republicans, and more importantly, the number of republicans who voted in teh general, you can’t claim these numbers prove motivation to vote in the primary.

How many GOPers voted in AR in the general?

who said i was “telling” anything? the only point I made about anything was about motivation.

The article has no source references, refers only specifically to 7 rural counties, and is terribly written.

This is data that is freely available. As of yesterday, affiliation in NC:
Dem: 2,526,279
Rep: 2,075,680

One year ago:
Dem: 2,459,271
Rep: 1,985,175

Not really seeing the trend your link asserts. There’s no anti-dem surge happening in the overall numbers. Am I missing something?

Were there local elections in these states? Senate and house primaries?