Trump v Democrats

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at voter motivation. What I found is surprising.

States where Reps and Dems both held primaries, Vote totals include all who won delegates.

Trump: 700K votes
Biden, Bloomberg and Sanders: 410K votes

Trump: 235K votes
Biden, Bloomberg and Sanders: 130K votes

Trump: 1.4M votes
Biden, Bloomberg, Warren and Sanders: 2.3M votes

Trump: 590K votes
Biden, Bloomberg, Warren and Sanders: 730K votes

Trump: 213K votes
Biden, Sanders ans Warren: 825K votes

Trump: 750K votes
Biden, Sanders: 880K votes

Trump: 270K votes
Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg: 230K votes

Trump: 340K votes
Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg, Warren: 470K votes

Trump: 1.8M votes
Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg: 1.5M votes

It is simply amazing to me that the President can draw so many people out to vote in a primary that’s basically meaningless as compared to a hotly contested dem primary.


Yeah…well…who cares? You obviously haven’t been paying attention to the polls…amirite? :sunglasses:


I am just glad people are coming out to vote

Polls predicting turnout! Lol

Hang on, lemme Google some polls to find out what I think about all this!


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of course I have. i’ve never seen anything like this before

Why didn’t you include all the votes for the Democrat candidates?

Glad so many are voting, though It might be a little misleading to imply that Trump “drew” people to the polls. There are at least a dozen other contests on the NC ballot this primary.

Basically, the pattern reflects.the red/blue divide. States with a Republican majority show more R votes, states with a Democratic majority show more D votes.

What interests me are two competitive states: North Carolina and Colorado – and in both of those states there were more Democratic than Republican votes.

true that.

Yeah…run with that…and don’t trip. :sunglasses:

yes, in a hotly contested primary vs a no contest

That was tongue in cheek my friend. The polls are a waste of time, this far out from the election but it’s soooooooo funny how much stock libs put into them…only to be disappointed…over and over again.

Or the polls predicting a yuuuuuggggggeeee Bern last night. Wrong!

Bring in Warren and Bloomberg and you’re pushing 1.5 million. No Republican NC voter coming into vote for district judges and senate seats was going to not check the “trump” box. It’s an interesting curiosity to see the numbers but i don’t think it’s very consequential.

What drove North Carolinians is how ■■■■■■■ crazy libs have become. All over the state, Dems are changing parties and…thanks. :sunglasses:

Well, no. What Is your evidence of this exactly? I’m seeing pretty large turnout numbers for the democratic primary in NC.

I included only those who won delegates. NC delegate numbers are not out. I will check out what turnout looked like during off year Senate primaries and see what that looks like. Seems it would be a good gauge to use.

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Voting has been up period which is a good thing regardless

Although Democrats still hold a substantial registration advantage over each of the other five registration categories, it’s shrinking — and fast.