Trump:US steel is opening 6 new plants :another lie for the sheep to soak up

on july 31st in tampa trump said:U.S. Steel just announced that they are building six new steel mills," a. “And that number is soon going to be lifted, but I’m not allowed to say that, so I won’t.”

on july 27th he said it was 7 plants.

a complete and utter fabrication
actual number of new US steel steel mills? zero
but m sure his sheeple will soak up the lie without question.

Maybe these coal workers should go apply at one of the new mills…

Layoffs reported at mine in Wyoming County

the dude lies virtually every day.

i really need a time machine. i want to read the books from those close to Trump after he’s passed from this world and not a threat to them and their money.

im waiting for some trumpers to trumpsplain this to me…

He really should finish these sorts of statements with Yeah Yeah that’s the ticket.

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Yep. That one was a whopper.

They don’t care. They aren’t even trying to Trumpsplain things anymore.

Lies are OK. Collaboration with Russia is OK. Paying off porn stars is no biggie. Deficits don’t matter.

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How is this okay? Seriously, I want to know………

All presidents lie. I don’t support or like him as a person but his policies are great. Also saying steel mills are opening makes people feel good and inspires consumer confidence.

GThere are more then 7 opening/reopening. Fake news spewed from leftist fake news. CBS, BLUE bs sites…

“Trump cures cancer, causing overpopulation and the end of the world”

Name them…

No there are not.

Come on armycowboy, I just opened one in my backyard today… Everyone is getting a steel mill…

US Steel is starting up one idled mill…in Granite City, IL. ONE OLD MILL…not a new mill

And there’s an aluminum mill in Kentucky that’s restarting a plant. ONE OLD PLANT…not a new one.

Total jobs restarted…800.

Meanwhile the aluminum industry itself predicts up to NINETY THOUSAND job losses in the industry from the tariffs.


Because far more US industries USE aluminum and steel than MAKE it.

Why protecting certain industry sectors is DUMB.

Look at the bright side…he should start telling the truth any day now. :sunglasses:

With Trump’s new tariffs it will just be a couple of months and all the steel manufacturers will be opening new plants… They will be coming online right around Christmas with MILLIONS of jobs paying $75-$100/hour… Steel mills can be built in weeks…
(My attempt at Trumpsplaining…)

That left?

Choom! Choom!

You think the dad in the Rockwall was a choom!

Funny how you hang on every word. I didn’t even know he was in Tampa.

As president of Choom Holdings he sure is.