Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with two-state solution, tunnel connecting West Bank and Gaza

I am watching Trump LIVE right now. Greatest POTUS ever. The more the Democrats shrink into their tiny world of hate and lies, the greater Trump becomes as a President.

QUOTE: " President Trump will push for a two-state solution to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as he unveils the details of his administration’s much-awaited Middle East peace plan Tuesday, White House officials told Fox News.

Trump is set to announce the proposal alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during remarks in the East Room of the White House at noon Tuesday. Odds of the peace plan taking shape are long, given that the Palestinians have preemptively rejected the plan.


This video is LIVE as I am posting it:

From Fox News: "The plan is a basis for negotiations with Israel, Trump officials said, claiming many of the Palestinians’ red lines are met, including their calls for a Palestinian state and a capital in parts of East Jerusalem.

The vision calls for more than doubling the amount of territory the Palestinians control.

The plan also includes a map of a contiguous Palestinian state in the West Bank, with a proposed tunnel to connect the West Bank and Gaza strip. There would also be land swaps south of Gaza to give the Palestinians more territory.

This is the first time Israel has agreed to a Palestinian state with defined borders.

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Significant development.

Hopefully we can move forward on this.

The skepticism is warranted.


Safe to do so, since the Palestinians have already made it clear they want no part of Trump’s diplomacy.

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Didn’t Netanyahu just get indicted?

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Fair post.

Well, that makes them the bad guy then. Their choice.

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Why does it make them the “bad guys”?

Yes - of course. Anyone who would dare disagree with his majesty, Donald J. Trump, must be a bad guy…


They didn’t have any input and probably won’t accept it.

That means that they are bad guys.


Wait wait wait. We’re embracing the two state solution now?

Wasn’t this always a bad idea according to Republicans?


Trump doesn’t have bad ideas. He saves those for the democrats.

Yes, it was appeasement, lol.

But now it’s bubbled forth from the Orange Cakehole so the herd of independent thinkers will rush to proclaim it to be a success, amirite? Mooo moo moo.


May the sharp taloned Harpies come down and take away those haters that prefer hell to peace.


Wow. If you have to ask why a terrorist organization is a bad guy then I’ve got nuthin’ for ya’.

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Sort of like a Satanic Miscarriage.


So all Palestinians are terrorists?

No, it wasn’t. You watch too much fake news. Your posts make that pretty obvious though. The problem was always WHERE the Palestinian state would be carved out of.

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Now the GOP likes the two state solution?

We’ll add that to things Trump supporters hated but now love:

Tariffs, Russia, massive budget deficits, presidents golfing, bashing our intelligence agencies, infidelity, face to face meetings with despots…etc etc.

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To ask the obvious why was there a Palestinian representative there as well?

So, as usual, Leftists attack Trump, defend terrorists, and spread insults. Different topic, same garbage.