TRUMP UNLEASHED: The President Calls-Out Congressional Democrats with ONE Simple Question | Sean Hannity

President Trump unloaded on Congressional Democrats Monday morning as the partial government shutdown entered its fifth week; asking the American people how the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives was “working out” for the country.

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We GAVE you the House, Senate and Presidency and yet we are still stuck with Obamacare. You had a chance to make tax cuts permanent, but the tax rate WILL go up under the Democrats. You had a chance to address the ILLEGALS in this country along with the immigration problem and you did $hit for us.

Republicans need to put on their big boy pants and STOP trying to score favorable points with the Dims and media. Score favorable points with the American citizens. The MEDIA IS THE ENEMY. WHY don’t they believe it?

Unless the Federal Election Commission address the obvious fraud going on in the election system nation wide, we WILL lose everything in 2020. The Dims WILL STEAL THE ELECTION. COUNT ON IT.

While we had the House, Senate and the Presidency, we still let the Democrats keep enough seats that they were able to block too many things under House and Senate rules. And unlike Obama, this President knows that he cannot just “rule” with the stroke of a pen. We need to throw more than enough more Democrats out during the next election that we can finally get what is needed done. The Dems are going to spend the next two years doing nothing but trying to overthrow the President WE elected. This has got to stop.

While we had the house and senate there were too many RINOs blocking our President from getting things accomplished. He still got a lot done behind the scenes but without enough support from both Dems and Repubs it is hard to move forward. Now it will be impossible as Pelosi and Schumer kick and scream like little babies … No, No, No.