TRUMP UNLEASHED: The President BLASTS ‘Extremist Open-Border’ Democrats

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President Trump slammed liberal legislators during a high-level cabinet meeting Thursday ; blasting the left-leaning lawmakers as “extremist open-border” activists just one day after he signed an executive order ending “family separations” of detained illegal immigrants.

The President was speaking with his top advisors Thursday when he called out Congressional leaders for their “extremist policies” after Democrats failed to strike a deal with GOP legislators on immigration.

“My Administration is acting swiftly to address the illegal immigration crisis on the Southern Border. Loopholes in our immigration laws all supported by extremist open border Democrats…and that’s what they are - they’re extremist open border Democrats,” said the President.

Watch the President’s comments above.

Hahahaha, he’s such a feckless blamer. Buck never stops with him, does it?

I heard some of this. One of my favorite parts was when he complained about what he had been “handed”…said the economy was going down. Just another lie.

Republicans are taking infants away from their mothers in order to indefinitely detain them in camps, yet Democrats are the extremists when it comes to immigration.

Humanity and empathy are only extreme to those who have had their minds poisoned by decades of CEC drivel.