Trump Twitter Storm this morning: To Mueller "STOP!"

Ahh, that’s where your wrong CMI. I don’t go through life with partisan blinders on so I’m all for prosecuting whomever is found guilty of a crime. I enjoy watching Trump supporters scream #shutitdown when same people had no problem spending money on investigations into the clintons!

Chris Stevens’ burned and tortured body indicted her.

They really do.

Had he not tweeted all this time we wouldn’t know him nearly as well.

There’s a reason I don’t know what Mueller is doing. It’s because he’s not out there shotgunning rumors, as Doug tried to say. Laughably.

you libs will laugh when a special prosecutor is appointed to investigate Mueller and his team.

in other words… his next target could be anywhere?

Lol that is the opposite of what is happening, but thanks for playing dumb.

So… what criteria do you use to differentiate between a Mueller with silver bullets and a target in his crosshairs and a Mueller with a shotgun?

I don’t understand the cons on this one…

With all of the indictments and guilty pleas of people AROUND Trump…why are they so confident that Trump is above breaking the law?

If I I understand correctly either Trump is an extremely bad judge of character (after all, all of these people worked for him in some significant capacity) or he is a criminal.

where’s the collusion?

What’s even worse, coming from the Law & Order folks, is that Mueller HAS found law breakers and they STILL want to stop the investigation (just in case something bad is found about their favorite politician).

Think about that.

where’s the collusion?

Yeah, the “witch hunt” rants make me laugh. There have been a total of 17 individual indictments, with 5 guilty pleas. Five “witches” have already admitted to wrong doing. How many witches do you have to catch before the hunt is justified?

Mueller’s appointment, given below, doesn’t say “look for collusion.” That’s just a rallying cry of the Trump supporters.

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No clue. I’m not Mueller.

Do you what the law breakers found and flushed out or do you simply want to stop the investigation to protect your favorite politician?

actually, I just like to show the lies of the lib narrative .

You won’t bring Trump down anymore than those who tried to get the electoral college to go faithless against Trump. It backfired on Clinton.

But watching you people twist and turn and contort yourselves to defend a witch hunt is amusing. It will backfire too… as it did with McCabe and Comey.

What you’re really showing is that you’re okay with stopping an investigation, that has already found lawbreakers just in case they find something bad on your favorite politician.

Your posts aren’t stealth or anything.

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Seems you want a king…

We don’t know…that’s why there is an investigation. What is your point?

Care to address my actual statement?

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And let’s not forget that pleading the fifth means you’re guilty.