Trump Twitter Storm this morning: To Mueller "STOP!"

Agreed, we don’t know! So why doesn’t “clean as a whistle” Trump allow mueller to finish investigation without man child rants every few days? If all is innocent then Trump would want the investigation come to a full and complete conclusion to prove his innocence…wouldn’t that be the best way for trump to stick it to all the “little libs”?

laureate university?

Mueller, a Republican, has a reputation as a fair man who respects the law. I can quote many Republicans publicly stating just that. His reputation is not on the line to find Trump guilty of something. He’ll be attacked by Trump supporters if he finds evidence of crimes no matter how solid that evidence is.

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Of course you do.

Indict a ham sandwich

it appears it was “Fraud University”.

His reputation is very mixed as far as being concerned about accusing innocent people. If he finds real evidence of…something…that is a serious felony (not the kind that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case over) then Trump will be through immediately. Where he will be attacked is if, finding nothing, he does something like fall back on some strained theory like firing Comey was obstruction of justice.

Can’t stop laughing at his infantile snowflaked tweets. They reveal his inner hurts, ugliness, and impotent rage. Thanks for the Sunday morning chuckles, President Moron!

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If the ham sandwich wears a pantsuit, you’d spend all the money in the world to try and indict!!!

So where is the evidence that Mueller will ever come to a full and complete conclusion? He is still shotgunning his investigation into every rumor. In the meantime that feeds the hate against the administration and makes it more difficult to progress with agendas like protecting our border.

If he did nothing wrong, then why does he care? Let the Republican appointed Republican do his job. The President can go about his business.


Feeds the hate? Trump does enough things this investigation isn’t doing anything. Trumps constant tweeting/bullying/name calling childish acts are enough.

Trump can handle it, he is the best multitasker ever…EVER!

So do I but its time for him to put a STOP to all of it. Trump needs to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller and make a TV address to the nation explaining why. Trump also needs to make Congress work 7 days a week in order to finish getting his appointees approved and to vote in a new AG who can staff the DOJ with ethical law & order personnel and get rid of the political deep state liberal hack Obama leftover dregs. JMO

Mueller is not shotgunning rumors. That kind of crap is laughable and stupid. Desperate.

Mueller’s going to present the evidence he finds, if he finds any, and a judge will decide its merits. But you know as well as I do that Trump supporters are going to attack Mueller, the judge, and anyone else they can think of to discredit the investigation, evidence of “a serious felony” or not.

ahh… so it’s revenge you want.

Thanks for the laughs. Trump is weak and limpid. He won’t do any of that. He’ll just continue to cry helplessly on his little telephone.

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And yet…not H. Clinton, eh?

so if he is so focused, predict his next target… and not someone that the news has already implicated. Remember… There are no leaks from Mueller.