Trump tweeting like an 8 year old

Why does he do this? What can he possibly gain by acting like a ■■■■■■■ troll?


Never underestimate the power of stupid.


Is he serious :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

And we heard Obama was trying to be an Emperor. Trump tweeted a video which insinuates that he should be President “4eva”.

“It’s a joke”

“Take him seriously not literally”

“Trollling libs”


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everyone tweets by the same tweeting rules

The great unifier. America is bound to succeed divided.

Trump and Time on the same page. Trump time.

He’s only got a couple more government agencies and few more of his appointees to take down to clear the path. The republican senate won’t stand in the way.

Every single American should be uncomfortable with this.

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If Trump is re-elected, he will try to run Melania in one of his kid in 2024 as a surrogate. The stupid one.

Jr or Eric?

Which one is old enough?

ETA: Both are old enough.

Or that idiot daughter.

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That is a sick sick man.


He does know that Tweet is making fun of him right?

I’m not sure he understands that concept.

Trump is Trump. He’s obviously mentally ill, suffering from a major personality disorder. Not joking.

It’s Trump supporters, not Trump, who are responsible for this disgrace of a Presidency. THEY decided he should be President. They lack the intellectual and moral substance to understand how bad this all is for our nation. The sheer hypocrisy and immaturity they demonstrate is incredible.


Promoting the 1000 year reign.

Hmm, I wonder who else promoted this in the last century.

Why? He can’t and won’t get a third term, and he doesn’t have the conviction and bravery to pull off some kind of coup.

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The next DSM should replace Narcissistic Personality Disorder with “Trump”