Trump trying to sell lgbtq pride tshirts on his site

after spending his entire term trying to allow the lgbtq community to be discriminated against he now trying to sell pride tshirts on his website.
there is no level he wont sink to…he is a disgrace to the country

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Of course Donald Trump is going to sell pride tshirts. If he didn’t cater his merchandise towards lgbtq people he would be accused of discrimination. Donald Trump loves the lgbtq as long as they want to Make America Great Again!


Trump has been selling ‘LGBTQ for Trump’ shirts since 2016.

Trump doesn’t discriminate!

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Talk about a group that Trump threw under the bus instantly.

Remember when he got all that credit for holding the Gay Pride flag?

Now that I’ve seen it, what’s the problem? Is there something distasteful? I’d label it being respectful.

It’s the administration’s treatment of the lgbt community that is the problem. Trans people in particular.


As always

Yeah, it’s distasteful to try to come off as supporting a group you have repeatedly tried to undermine in a multitude of ways.


Are you referring to being barred from the military?

Among other things- like doctors being allowed to refuse to see trans people for even routine care.


What he said. ^^^

Grifters gonna grift.

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Didn’t Trump actually take an action that did discriminate against members of that community during his current tenure as President of the USA?

Did you forget as long as they don’t want to serve in the Armed Forces?

Even more so as you attempt a little profit off of them.

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are we critical of trump today for selling lgbtqwerty maga t shirts now

good grief

Well, you tried.

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Lol…what an insult

Hey, this is 'Murica - if Donald wanted to sell t-shirts with John McCain’s likeness on them that’s his privilege. He’d still look like a tool doing it.