Trump trolls Rep. Omar, who was victim of death threat, boasts Israeli relations

Once again, this is a distortion and misrepresentation by the media of what actually took place. There’s a 2:30 minute clip provided in the article that does not support the headline. The reporters are attempting to bring Omar into this with their questions but the President didn’t participate. This is more sheople food for the sheople. Now tell the world sheople, just how baaaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaaad orange man is and identify yourselves.

What is this garbage? A hate campaign was started against her, and those who support it won’t even own it.

The media firestorms are all over the place. I see hate being perpetuated almost everywhere I look…and it isn’t a one sided issue. Hate is being perpetuated at Trump, Barr, the Border Patrol, Neilson, Pelosi, Schiff, Omar, Schumer…now please…take your rightful ownership on what ever it is you’re responsible for.

Just because the Russiagate ■■■■■■■■ exist doesn’t mean you get a free pass to attack Omar when she is telling the truth.

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If she places herself in the public spotlight, she’s fair game. The problem is when people cross the line and I share your concern. I don’t like it either…and do not contribute to it.

Yeah, you didn’t contribute to the hatred against Ilhan Omar.


She’s fair game to lie about? No one cares if you don’t like her.

Oh please STOP. Lies are standard equipment in politics and Trump has been the main target. Are u guilty of what you’re now condemning?

You don’t seem all that intent on countering the lies spread about Rep. Omar, but instead seem to be making excuses about them.

Why is that?

I must say, I have to agree. This is politics. Everyone is attacked, everyone has had some version of mistruths/halftruths printed about them, everyone gets threats from nutjobs (because in a country of 330 million, there will be some nutjobs).

If you can’t handle that, probably should not run for public office.

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I don’t know enough to know either way. I’ve not researched it and am not concerned enough to do so. My main interest is in observing how a Muslim integrates into our political system.


Time for…Wrestlemania!

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My man Becky Lynch is about to win both titles!

I’m just tired my friend. I worked very hard finishing up March and kicking off April. My eldest daughter had her birthday last night and so my only grandchild…who is 2 years old…spent the night. Let me repeat…I’m tired. :sunglasses:

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Donald Trump is just a bad human. He’d probably be in counseling or in jail by now if he wasn’t born with a silver spoon.

It’s all good. As long as you pull for my girl Becky at Wrestlemania.

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Even if you take the worst poll it’s 40% of the country. I assume it’s much more than that considering he has a good chance of being re-elected.

Personally I think people should lay off attacking their fellow citizens on how they vote and produce a better candidate. If the democrats run a candidate talking about the joys of socialism, killing cows, reparations, and major tax increases don’t blame half the country for voting against that.

How is 40% a good approval rating and why are you assuming it’s “much more” than that? Is that based on something?

I never said it’s a good approval rating, I said at least 40% of the country will vote for him and that’s a big percentage of people to berate constantly.

I think it’s more than 40% because a lot of people don’t respond to polls about voting for Trump.

Good grief. Non-trump supporters are also a big percentage of people, yet we are “berated constantly.”

As to trump’s ACTUAL support being larger because of the super-secret people who pretend NOT to support him – run with that.