Trump trolls Rep. Omar, who was victim of death threat, boasts Israeli relations

I love our president… He is so presidential … Im happy he is bringing our country together… Yeah right… This is disgusting behavior… Ms Omar just received death threats now he is joking about it…

This is just par for the course for Trump. This is the type of person he is. The people you have to question are those who continue to support him. They are ones to blame.


Where in the article did Trump joke about the death threat. Please and thank you.

(side note – glad the guy who made the threat has been arrested, and hope he spends a lot of time in a small space staring out bars at the rest of the world)

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Trump makes joke critical of person X.

Someone makes threat regarding person x.

Now combine the two unrelated conditions in one sentence and make it sound like there is some relationship.

At this point its not even mildly surprising. There’s literally nobody or nothing Trump wouldn’t potentially troll.

When I hear something like this, I’m like “Ok. Trump is an *** hole. This is what he does.” Yet, people still support him.

Suppport him? Hell, many of them are living vicariously through him. He’s everything they want to be.


I get wanting to have the power. But at what cost?

He has money, power, says whatever he wants, ■■■■■ porn stars… He’s what they want to be but aren’t. They revere him.

This isn’t about cost; It’s reality television for the conservative base.

What Trump said had nothing to do with the death threat, so I don’t see what the story is here.

Consider this - if Trump receives a death threat (which obviously has already happened), is it off limits for anyone to make a joke at his expense the following day ?

Why bring up Omar at all?

Playing to the crowd. He was speaking in front of RJC, so he brought up a villain - i.e. a politician perceived to be hostile to Israel.

Much like someone like Kamala Harris may bring up Trump when speaking to liberals.

Our country should come together to condemn hateful antisemitic bigots like Omar.

Nothing about his lifestyle is remotely appealing to me.

Remember when people literally marched through the streets screaming “Jews will not replace us”, then one of them mowed someone down with a car, then Trump refused to condemn them? Just wondering.

Omar is a black Muslim woman in a hijab, the easiest of easy targets.

“If I had a son he would look like Trevon Martin”. What does that mean?

Good point. But you see the Left takes their cues from CNN: reason and common sense don’t apply.


I was told that there were good people on both sides. Who was it that told me that…