Trump Tries End Run to End #TrumpShutdown. Fails

President Trump tried to schedule a meeting with moderate Democrats in the House as an end run around Congressional leadership.

Not only did the White House completely fail to check the congressional calendar to see if the time was even suitable, but the house members saw through the move and pegged it for what it was. Desperation.

I like this quote from an aide to one of the congresspeople: “The problem with these White House meetings is we never know what we’re walking into.”

Another, which really hits the nail on the head: “This is nothing more than a political stunt.”

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The best negotiator!

He invited them for a lunch? I thought the WH kitchen staff was furloughed?

Anyhoo, another stupid stunt from the Liar in Chief.


Well he may have been going to feed them hamburgers.

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You’d think the best negotiator in the world wouldn’t get himself in these pickles.

Unless. Maybe. It’s intentional.


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Ok I didn’t mean to go off topic.

One would be a fool to attend a fast food lunch with this guy, he would lie to your face, make an agreement at 1:00, change his mind and flip the blame by 3:00.

He is not to be trusted.

True story.

He is simply not an honest broker.

He shows it time after time after time after time.

His sycophants love it. They think it is behavior to be modeled.

Yes… Dems have no independent thinkers like reps do. They punish people who get out of line.

There is zero reason to interact with trump, he is a pathological liar and nothing he says can be trusted.


Even if they wanted to come, they picked the same time as the House is voting on the Ways and Means Committee, the single most powerful comittee in Congress, and no one would miss that vote.

He much more honest than Obama and the dems were about Obama care…

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Like Jeff flake, McCain, Romney? Jeff Sessions?

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Exactly. The amazing thing is how universal the understanding is that trump is entirely untrustworthy.

It’s not even that, they were just too incompetent to look up the legislative calendar. There’s an extremely important vote happening at the same time.

Yes… You nailed it exactly… And throw in Cruz, and Rand. Dems have nothing like them.

Trump has no lie like “you can keep your doctor”

Once again the TV makes dems believe fake stuff.

It does not matter it you believe Trump or not, negotiations are about bills in congress. They are like contracts. The congress and senate make them not Trump…LMAO!X 2

He does but you don’t care.

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I got my physical last month with my doctor. Same guy I’ve been seeing for over a decade.

Time for some folks maybe to take personal responsibility for their relationship to health care providers.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand!