TRUMP TRADE: President’s Tough Tariffs Generate $4.4 BILLION for US | Sean Hannity

Just months after Democrats and free-trade activists accused President Trump of sparking a devastating “trade war” with China and other nations, new data shows the Commander-in-Chief’s tough tariffs have generated over $4.4 billion for the United States.

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So… a “tax increase” for US companies importing foreign goods that will result in higher costs to US consumers.


That’s great Sean, now we know raising taxes (tariffs are a tax) increases revenue! Who paid these taxes? Chinese people, do you think? Who will end up paying for these taxes? Mexicans?

I can’t wait for the topics to come …


Trump’s tariffs are essentially a tax on American consumers.

And with the $12 billion being paid to farmers, we’re only $8 billion in the hole!! MAGA!!

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So the higher prices during Obama yrs were for no reason? Ya tax, then maybe just maybe those companies will buy here in America. Things could not keep going with the trade deficit the way it was. What’s your real bitch that Trump did it?

Who here in America makes the cheap crap Walmart sells?

I cant believe people that supported taxes on US companies complain about taxes (tariffs) on China. Saying Tariffs are taxes on customers ignores that taxes on companies is ALSO a tax on customers. These people are either just against anything Trump does (good or bad) OR they actually prefer a strong China Economy and a stagnant US economy.

Trump inherited a “strong” economy with the Unemployment rate below 5%.