Trump told CPB Head He Would Pardon Him if he Broke the Law


Or perhaps they are like me and to be concerned by more than one thing at a time.

I can multitask my concerns.

Can’t you?


“Hey Bob, if you break federal law, I’ll pardon you.”

  • President of the United States, quipping, about the vicissitudes of life, local crafts,
    and favorite recipes.


Multitasking anything is a myth. At best, some people are good at task switching. If attention is given, it is necessarily taken from elsewhere.


Sorry, but I don’t share your incompetence!


Every job I’ve had since I was in my early 20’s has pretty much required multitasking. I would have been fired if I couldn’t multitask.


This, this is salient.


So, I gotta give you props for slipping in the word “vicissitudes” into a post. Good work!


Shocking pattern of illegality.


Yeah? And who laughed?

The only thing that is a joke is this Presidency and the Trump worshipers that always manage to pull out some lame excuse to explain the nonsense that comes out of it.


It reminds me of when he offered to pay the legal fees of his rally-goers if they punch a protester. Was it serious? Was it a joke? This is even more serious though, Trump wanting his administration to break the law and offering pardons if they get in trouble for it. Luckily, LUCKILY there are still some serious people in the process. This reminds me of those Trump tell-all books that talk about i think Mattis going “we’re not going to do that” after Trump asked for something.


Trump giving pardons is the topic, is it not?


so Trump joked about illegally abusing his power?


Right, Trump giving pardons to CPB. It has nothing to do with Obama or coups.


I’m kind of guessing this will end up being fake news from those rascally unnamed sources. Even assuming Trump made the statement, which I seriously doubt, it was obviously sarcastic. Basically a joke.

But it sure worked DEMs into a lather! You gotta love that. :+1:


Threatening to obstruct justice to own the libs.



That’s how you correctly cover for a politician.


Yep! But that’s not what happened. :+1:



You aren’t making any sense. Nothing I say or do will have any impact on anything. How can I possibly cover for Trump or for anyone else??? :confused:


Is it nihilist Friday or something?


Man that shipped has sailed then sank lol