Trump told CPB Head He Would Pardon Him if he Broke the Law


It shows us, for the millionth time, who he is and it shows us, for the millionth time, who his supporters are.


Yep - we get confirmation regularly that he is without principle or conviction. It is pretty well impossible to support him for those who have either.


I bet you fat donald has been dangling pardons for violating the law his entire presidency. This clown is a clear and present danger to all American citizens.


You’d think people would be more concerned by the flood of illegals and fake asylum seekers than they would be about some quip.


This is not some quip, it’s abuse of power.


Of course. :rofl:


Au contraire, mon frere.


You can’t do both?

I’d prefer thought out, legal solutions to my countries chief executive conspiring to thwart the law.



Wait. Your proof that it was definitely just a joke is a quote saying it was not clear if the statement was a joke?

That is not proof.


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I’d rather call out Trump for abusing his powers.

Then again, it’s easier to focus anger on brown kids trying to get into the US on the southern border.


Sounds like libs are trying to drum up another conspiracy…since all other conspiracies had fallen through.


It is possible to oppose both illegal immigration and a president encouraging illegal activity. But, as the president’s encouragement of illegal activity is the topic of the thread, many of us are focusing on that particular subject in this particular thread.


Let’s make a quick list of what republicans traditionally said was important to them…

  • Christian values
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Law and order
  • Family values
  • Personal responsibility
  • Small government
  • Individual liberty
  • Free markets
  • Strong military


No conspiracy. Just more Trump stupidity.


A conspiracy involves 2 or more people. This is one person - the president - going rogue and encouraging illegal activity.


Typical mafia style double talk


I also think this is not the first time fat donald has suggested that one of his subordinates should break the law.


To them its about how things should be if the law says otherwise then the law is wrong…


It must be nice to just be able to write off every horrible thing done by a guy you support as a joke, fake, or him fighting against political correctness. Makes it easy to never have to look yourself in the mirror and take account of the terrible life choices you have made.

Let’s be real. Openly encouraging a law enforcement official to ignore the law with the promise of a pardon IS a big deal. Openly encouraging your supporters to assault protesters with the promise of paying their legal fees IS a big deal. Directing your lawyers to pay off your mistresses with illegal, backroom agreements IS a big deal.

At least it is to people who still care about right and wrong. Unfortunately for America, tens of millions of conservatives continue to demonstrate each and every day that they simply don’t.


How is a pardon a clear and present danger?