Trump told Bob Woodward he knew Coronavirus was bad- and there are tapes

He knew it was deadly and would become widespread in January- maybe sooner. But he did nothing.

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And to think someone said in this thread there will be no way to run from this.

People still underestimate the degree to which many Trump supporters are bought in- Trump himself admitting he downplayed it (of course they will focus on “Well that’s good- he doesn’t want to cause a panic”…ignoring that underselling it would cause the very citizenry he would need to help stop the spread would then downplay it in their own minds) doesn’t even change their minds.

In this case it was his inactions that have led to us speeding towards 400,000 dead Americans from this pandemic in 2020 alone. Trump lied and people died. These are now recorded facts.

He knew all along how deadly this thing was. While he was telling people to “Liberate Michigan” and making fun of Biden for wearing a mask, and telling his CDC to loosen the guidelines on school re-openings, and having his own administration outbid States for PPE and equipment while forcing them to have to secure these things for themselves. He is a disaster of a failure in every conceivable measure, and the result is not some bad trade deal, or taxes increased on importers and consumers. The result is hundreds of thousands of dead Americans Doug.


Funny thing is, this isn’t even the craziest thing Woodward reveals.


I hope he goes on Maddow and plays the tapes.

You are absolutely correct. It is depressingly true.

But on this point, can you imagine if a deadly storm was heading towards the nation, but the government hid its forecast modeling from the public because it didn’t want to cause “panic?” Hiding the data would have zero impact on the force of the impending storm, but would put countless lives at risk.

Yeah, trump telling Woodward military nuclear secrets is ■■■■■■■ insane.


The “restricted most travel from China” become “Once scored 4 touchdowns for Polk High” about 4 months ago.




  1. He didn’t ban travel from China until 3 days AFTER he was briefed.

  2. He din’t really ban travel from China.

  3. Can you name one other thing in the 9 months of this developing crisis that he did in a timely fashion?



Aso, 27 love letters to Kim Jung Un.


Trump didn’t force Michigan to do anything. As I have said before and will again as long as you use this argument, each state has its own health departments, and so do most counties. They don’t make their decisions based on Trump’s tweets. These are professionals. They contact other professionals at CDC or NIH and find their recommendations.
Good grief, still trying to sell that states are making their decisions based on Trump’s tweets.

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and the trumpers like to pretend it was a championship game when really it was in the beginning of the season, and BTW, Polk ended up losing by a field goal.


And his lie about him being the only one who wanted to implement this was completely cut-off at the knees, as it was his Security Council imploring him to do it, and only after a few days he agreed to do a watered down version that ended up still letting thousands of people in every single day from China.

These states and counties don’t have the money - or the ability to print money - that the fed. has. They also don’t have the clout or resources or connections.

Nor do they have the fedral stockpile, nor the ability to order private corps to start production.

Leaving this response to the state and local levels was the dumbest thing Trump could do. It cost us 3 months of effective pandemic response.

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All you posted is horrific, but there is a strong joy to be had at owning the libs.

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You’re going to raise your BP with all that TDS. Wow.

Woodward was smart to record these conversations.


@toreyj01 Has explained this over and over and over and over again about how vital it is for a national response for a national pandemic. From a medical professional who has personally worked to save lives, and unfortunately saw lives lost, from this pandemic. We all see what has happened here. Deny it all you want. Blame everyone else all you want. This is not some petty political disagreement. This is ■■■■■■■ insanity and unconscionable. These are ■■■■■■■ American lives man. Hundreds of thousands of American lives.

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You are correct.

Nearly 40,000 people traveled from China to the United States from February 2, when Trump’s travel restrictions went into effect, to April 4, The New York Times reported. Those rules also do not apply to all people: American citizens, green-card holders and their relatives, and people on flights coming from Macau and Hong Kong are not included in the “ban.”

agree- but it just shows how poor Trump’s judgement is, and how impulsive he is. He just can’t shut up.