Trump To Spend More Than Revolutionary, Civil, WW1 & WW2 Combined

If you thought Obama was bad, look out:

Trump’s spending is projected to be more than Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW1 and WW2 combined.

Record multitrillion $ deficits are already in the works:

And of course, Obama couldn’t blame his deficits on the 2008 financial crisis. Because, I forget why.

However, Trump signed these spending measures into law. This may make him the biggest spender in our nation’s history.

So 1 person is solely responsible for this? Just him?

Pelosi and Shumer had nothing to do with it? McConnell? Booker? Graham?

Just Trump?

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Nothing to worry about here folks. Trump promised he would eliminate the national debt in 8 years. He’s still got 6 months left in his term to set everything in motion for that.


Trump has veto power. He could have veto’d it, but instead he decided to create a massive, historic increase in spending / deficits. Heck, even before COVID-19 we were already running $1trillion defiicts thanks to Trump.

If Biden wins in Nov, it’ll become a massive issue come January 20, 2021.


Correct,them’s the rules.


Always a tweet. The gift that keeps on giving.

its cool though. he will get his 3+% GDP growth…unlike his predecessor

No he won’t

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are we sure? because prior to the last 3 years all we heard over and over was “Obummer first president ever not to get 3% GDP”
since it hasn’t been brought up since then i guess the trump train must destroyed expectation.

Obama was worse then bad, he’s human scum for letting is band of traitors push the Russian collusion lie.

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Therefore Trump deficits good

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Everything Trump does is for the good of the country.
Unlike the last so call President!

So, just to be clear. You believe that Trump should have vetoed the covid bills the House and Senate sent to his desk?

Well…at least you’re not biased in anyway.

huh? huh?


As far as I’m concerned, Trump could stand in the middle of fifth Avenue and…

But that’s just me.

I’m waiting for the links to where the libs wanted to spend LESS than what was passed, instead of more.

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Are libs seriously crying about the COVID spending they cried to get?