Trump to skip handing out National Teacher of the Year Award

He cant get out of his own way. Another tradition Trump is kicking to the curb. This man only cares about himself. Remember said he would unite the country… Another failed campaign promise

Good. We need more things for people to whine about.

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Must. Defend. Trump.

He’s got to make room in his day insulting people via tweet. MAGA

As a recipient, I’d be OK with this were it not for the fact that I now have to accept it from sentient navel lint DeVos, which is even more insulting.


Is he the first one to not attend?

Hmm, looks like the teacher of the year is black… hmm.

Then I am sure she is wondering what is worse…

Betsy or Trump giving the award?

All since Truman.

He needs to skip Orioles games.

Then yet another example of Trump jackassery.

My bad. There have been 9 instances where the president didn’t in 67 years.

Just get him a Big Mac combo. Maybe even a large one.

I couldn’t find it, you have Google-fu.

Who was the last?

Teachers weren’t going to vote for him anyways so I don’t see why they should get an award.

Don’t know.

This is the best I found.


You’re welcome.

One of his teachers must have told him his work was substandard when he was growing up…

This tracks with all we know about Trump.