Trump To Run $1trillion Deficit 2nd Year In A Row

Trump inherited a deficit of about $500bil and GOP controlled Congress and 5% unemployment.

Trump as he said is the king of debt.

This will matter again in 2021


This is just part of his eleventh dimensiony master plan to eliminate the debt in 8 years.

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I thought he said he could get rid of our National Debt in 8 years? This appears to be the exact opposite of getting rid of…

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Raise taxes until the debt is gone!!


Oldie but a goodie.

We’ve “lost” more money than we’ve ever owed in just the last 18 years.

It’s as if we’ll never run out of money and already have more than enough to fund all the welfare and defense our little hearts desire. lol

If Clinton was president the deficit would have shrunk. I guarantee you that.


“I’m the king of debt. I love debt,” Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, seemingly trying to explain the comfort level he has with debt after a long business career that included four bankruptcy filings by his companies.

He told everyone he loves debt, so it should come as no surprise to his supporters.

No worries on how they will pay for the debt. They’ll just raid more of the Social Security Fund. Those people don’t need it anyways.

After all, the Republicans have said for decades that SS would go bankrupt. The only thing they didn’t tell you is they were going to kill it!

Not in terms of % of GDP. What was the price of bread in 1865?

Where the hell are allof the Tea Party patriots?!!
We need them now more than ever.

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You tell me. I’m not that old. lol

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They have joined the religious right and law order Republicans to see if they can find the wizard to given them the integrity they don’t have.


Oh, yeah. And then the big scary debt clock will be back at the GOP convention in 2024.

With a big, “We didn’t build that” sign.

Their supporters will believe them.

So now we only need $3.5 trillion yearly surpluses in order for Trump to achieve his pledge of eliminating the debt. Should be easy, right?

We’ll get there! Just need a few more tax cuts!

That was jist a campaign device used to get him elected…

He never had any intention of following thru on it… just like his wall promise…

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Where the ■■■■ is the Tea Party??

The thing that gets me is that the time where it is economically necessary for the Government to run large deficits … like the economy in absolute meltdown… the Tea party threw a huge hissy fit and was really “concerned” about “spending out children’s future” and now… at a nearly a decade worth of constant economic expansion and full employment … increasing deficits are met with a “meh”

It makes no sense.