Trump to Putin: My "stupid" advisors told me not to congratulate you

Trump calls his advisers stupid in front of Putin

That’s right. Trump called his national security advisors stupid for warning him not to congratulate Putin for “winning” yet another “election”.

Donald Trump must be a hard person to work with. His erratic behavior, his inclination to denigrate others, his political ignorance, are really pathetic. No wonder why he gets his “intelligence” from Fox & Friends and our humble host. They bow down to his every move and tell him what he wants to hear.

The fact that he would slam his own staff in front of a foreign leader shows lack of respect for his employees. Yet another sign of a bad employer. Think about it: Why would you want to work for an employer which will insult you in front of clients? I sure wouldn’t.

Libs… no sense of humor.

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Yeah, my lack of humor keeps me from seeing what a knee slapper denigrating America’s allies and people to dictators and tyrants while kowtowing to their every whim really is.

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I bet you don’t like polish jokes either. And blonde jokes.

Dwóch przedszkolaków przechwala się nawzajem:
A wiesz, mój tata jest lepszy od twojego taty!
A mój brat jest lepszy od twojego brata!
Za to moja mama jest lepsza od twojej mamy!
A wiesz, tu to chyba masz rację, bo nawet mój tata tak mówi.

I shoulda known.

If people didn’t want to be trolled by trump, they would have parroted his opinions ad nauseam. This isn’t new.

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Sense of humor? Are you kidding me? Trump has no problem insulting his own employees in front of an a-hole like Putin. This is disgraceful. Why must he stuck up to Putin? He’s not a good guy at all.

Hail Satan.

Welcome Year Zero

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Hail Hydra.


It’s inappropriate for the president of the United States to be a goofball joker when meeting with Putin.

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Whose rules?

Not yours. You cheer the prez acting like a barroom comedian and being a goofball when meeting with world leaders. And saluting the generals of dictators like a doofus.b

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State visits are not the time or place.

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He’s just trolling. Pay no mind.

Goofballs think that’s the perfect time.

Woah now THAT is not a reference I expected to see here!

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