Trump to Live Tweet First 2 Democratic Debates

I think Trump live tweeting is about a few things:

1 - He is all about numbers, so if his twitter feed is the most watched those nights, he can brag about it
2 - It gives him an opportunity to quickly respond to what Democrats are debating. Its his way of a rebuttal without having to be at the debates.
3 - The internal polling numbers truly have him concerned. Why would anyone care about a primary debate between a slew of candidates that won’t make it anywhere?

there will be more people watching twitter than the leftist-fest on NBC

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In Trump’s world this is debate prep.

You know he won’t sit down with advisors to practice or prepare.

You mean there will be more Trump subjects drooling over Trump’s every word on twitter?

I may have to open an account?

i don’t think trump realizes how this is gonna go. people will be responding to his stupidity in real time.

We’ve gone from dueling banjos to drooling yahoos.

Also the dems will start sounding like Trump to get votes… They will even start to lie about border control…

I think trump is gonna tweet through the presidential debates as well. He doesn’t have the balls to answer non scripted , non softball questions

in2016, trump had nothing to lose by being an ■■■■■■■ during the debates. he didn’t think he was going to win anyway. Today? totally different game. his abhorrent behavior won’t change support from his sycophantic supporters, but has a high probability of pushing other voters to the other side.

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That’s an interesting admission.



Its a first step, right?

Certainly not surprising. It would be a much bigger headline were Trump to actually behave like an adult.

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No, it will give Trumpists a reason to watch the debates. Just to follow along with Trump’s tweets. He’s actually helping to increase the number of people watching the debates.

He is trying to undercut the narrative

Of course. He’s trying to control his image. The issue is, however, that he cannot control the dialogue. He can tweet all he wants but the candidates won’t know what he’s tweeting. They can simply go on without having to respond to his inanity. And I suspect you’ll find his tweets growing in hostility as the nights go on. They will be entertaining, that’s for sure.

Has trump secured all the cute nicknames for all candidates yet?

I’m more interested in what the candidates say than what Idiot Boy tweets. I’d rather watch these debates on NBC than FAUX programming.

Sleepy Joe, which is so different from sleepy Ben Carson, low energy Jeb and Hillary. Trump has like five insults and he just rotates them between people. Pocahontas is the only unique one.

Trump doesn’t even put effort into bullying people like everything else.