Trump to Live Tweet First 2 Democratic Debates

President Trump plans on live tweeting the first 2 Democratic debates. His advisors have asked him to re-consider, fearing that Trump’s reactions to the debates may elevate contenders.

I think Trump should be focusing on important issues, like border security, healthcare, etc.

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And less golfing.

awesome cant wait!

Thread Title needs correcting. It should read “Trump to ‘LIE TWEET’ the first two Democratic Debates”.


I’m all for it. Keep him distracted so he isn’t ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ up. We’ve seen what happens when he’s left unsupervised.


Simply amazing. This is why we elected Donald Trump. I wasn’t planning on wasting my time watching the democratic debates, but now I’m excited for them!


I wonder if he will come up with creative nicknames for all of the candidates.

Will Melania use the opportunity to live tweet real-time examples to promote her anti-bullying initiative?

The status of petty and immaturity is going to be near Defcon 1 levels. The Trumpticons are going to eat it up like energon. LOL!

This is just “rapid response” taken to the next level.

In future developments, Trump will demand to be part of the Democratic Party debates.

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Might make for a good drinking game. Every time Trump tweets during the debate, take a drink. You may end up in a coma before the night is over though, proceed at your own risk.

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This is totally presidential.

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My first thought is wondering if he has the attention span for it.

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Cool… You know even if Trump lost, which he won’t, he’d still be the leader of the US… He’s not going anywhere.

If you look at outcomes, dems make the poor poorer and the rich richer… Just like Cal and NY!

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We know he will be your leader, always. You have proven your devotion to Trump.

I don’t mind when Trump supporters try to derail threads by going off topic.

I just wish they’d quit whining about it and flagging posts when it happens to their threads.


Obama used the IRS and Intel agencies to undermine our elections… Did you care what your leader did?..No!

Do you care you were lied too for two years by your media leaders?.. No!

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It’s TV, he has endless attention span for it. Like a child.

Someone is triggered.

Obama did not such thing.