Trump to Iran Prez: Consequences like few have ever suffered

Trump wrote: "Never, ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.^tfw

This is great. The hyperbolic Iranian crap begs for a rebuke and Trump just did it big time.

They fought Iraq over a decade unable to defeat them, both sides just got too tired.

We beat Iraq in a few hours.

If any country will become a “lake of fire” in the “mother of all wars”, its Iran.

Don’t get me wrong, “blessed are the peace makers”.

Trump believes that. Peace through strength is what works in this sick world.

And Trump knows that.

Watch the Iranians scurry about like confused ■■■■■■■■■■■, now that Trump has Trumped their rhetoric.

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The Mullahs should worry, between NK and Iran, it is the more likely target. Trump could finish the regime in Iran with little collateral damage, unlike NK which can kill millions in the first few hours of any war.

Ah, the old ALL CAPS method of international diplomacy.

That war could make everything, NK & trade wars etc end their threat and a period of PaxTrump begin. World peace and incredible prosperity.

It would be foolish not the realize that occurs to Trump also.

ME hyperbole, its cultural. Iran doesn’t just threaten Israel, it threatens to make it a “lake of fire”.

When reality is, Israel could do that to Iran.

Hence, they do not attack. But they have a big mouth.

Trump will shut it.

Yes, Trump has a very sophisticated understanding of the ME and it’s culture :laughing:.

What did Rouhani say?

Google it, something about “mother of all wars.” Its the usual crap from big mouth Iran.

But they don’t realize, Trump needs to prove his threats are meaning full.

To Putin, Kim, everywhere. Iran is volunteering.

But their Mullahs do have rational advisers, and I would bet Iran “stands down” in their rhetoric. Goes silent.

Its their best move.

The Left and its deranged Media has undercut Trump so much, he may be forced to do this anyway.

A pox of the left. Their deranged hate for Trump is dangerous to world peace.

We already have a thread going on this topic…

There already is a thread for this. But since you started this one, let me remind you there is a tweet for everything.


That’s a bs thread, bs OP and does not discuss the topic in this OP.

This is a bs thread.

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No, that thread does not discuss this subject. Trump didn’t draw a line, didn’t mention a line.

So screw that thread.

As for that 2013 Tweet, ponder it. People project how they think. Trump thought attacking Iran to save face was what Obama would do.

Well, the leftist media has undermined Trump while he is tying to denuclearize NK, push Putin back, and make China obey trading norms…

He needs to “save face”.

Thanks to the leftist media, it may be the best option for him now, to establish world peace.

He needs to illustrate what happens when a country does not want peace.

He sure would have been a boring President BT. (before Twitter)

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All Rouhani needs to do is offer to hold a summit for Trump, and Trump will roll over like a puppy having it’s belly scratched.

Your President is not hard to manipulate, a nice military parade, some words of praise and a couple lines of ■■■■■■■■ will do the trick.

The Iraq war lasted 2 hours is that why American are still dying there?

Iran is a bully. It will back down. But if it doesn’t, its volunteering to play a role that will establish the pax Trump for decades to come.

Twitter is better than old methods of communication. The State Department would have “sanitized” Trump’s response to Iran’s threads, making them of no effect.

We should hope and pray Trump’s words are good enough, all that is needed to make Iran stand down.

Yeah, because nothing is better for foreign policy than to use twitter to make threats.

By the way, Grumpy cat has a word to say tonight.


Stand down / back down from what?

Leftists caused that. Wouldn’t permit we take the oil, and leave everything else to its own devices.

No. We had to let the Chinese take the oil, and spend trillions trying to bring a 7th century culture, into the 21st century.