Trump to host Ramadan Dinner!

A step in the right direction for Trump to show he’s President of ALL Americans and I commend him for doing so! Should’ve been done last year instead of breaking tradition of past Presidents.

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Wow, I guess he finally memorized all the talking points to make people believe he actually gives a ■■■■ about Muslims.

Saudis are playing nicer.

What the hell happened to the Muslim ban? Wasn’t that one of his election promises?

Nice gesture. Kudos.

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I hope someone asks Trump what Ramadan is about.

Watch, he put ham on the menu.


Lol, now that’s funny!

only a temporary one and only where we didn’t have good vetting.

Sorry you didn’t understand.

someone lied to you if they told you he did not give a ■■■■ about muslims.

Well it must not be needed as it was meant to only be a 90 day ban so the admin could develop “extreme vetting” As we are past any 90 day time line the ban must be a mute point by now. Surly the admin would not wait until the “ban” was in place to start the 90 day clock

Ramadan dinner? Does that mean he will be fasting?

Muslim christmas. .

“Ramadan Soup? Never ate any, it’s for poor people.”

It’s not fake news…I’m hosting Ramadan.


We have better vetting now. Lol


No doubt his handlers had to tell him this has nothing to do with ramen noodles. :slight_smile:

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He has google just like the rest of you.

You should have told him that before he hired Paul Manafort…