Trump to fire nielsen?

The word is she might be out on her butt within the week…so we know how this plays out.

Trump will deny it and then a few days later she is gone via a tweet.

Is that what happened with Rosenstein?

No…he is still there…did you have a point? Or maybe a reaction to the op?

Point is Rosenstein was on Trumps chopping block, headed to the White House and everything, until he wasn’t.

David Duke is needing a job?

That was speculation…and he seemed to have kissed ass to trump…

She may not go anywhere…she may

So we don’t know how this plays out?

Typically dont till it is done…see of Kelly has any pull left.

Nah it’s what happened with session

Guess she failed to handle the invasion properly.


One of Kelly’s favorites. No one is safe.

When does Trump run out of supporters who might be able to do the job?

President Trump is planning to oust Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as early as this week, The Washington Post reported on Monday.

You’re moonwalking back your thread my friend. The story you posted doesn’t say maybe? What’s a maybe is that it’s entirely garbage, that was created to stir controversy, intended to be spread by the sheeple and that’s baaaa, baaaaa, baaaaad cuz…here’s your thread.

I know…question Mark’s at the end of a sentence is confusing to a lot of people.

Nielson’s hot. Trump needs to keep her.


I suspect anything at this point is speculation. Trump is unpredictable if anything.

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So if the WP’s source was correct and Neilson is soon removed from her position, will you be back here apologizing for calling people sheeple?

Also, you never replied to my question about your conspiracy theory that Trump would dump an October surprise that would have massive impact on the midterms. Why?

Her replacement?

Trump was going to… something something.

It was going to be huge!

Was it FISA warrants? Something declassified? Who knows? He never had anything, as most of us knew.

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He was going to declassify everything and that would prove the Deep State existed and had conspired to prevent him from being POTUS, yet somehow failed because of Trump’s God-like ability to overcome all. Or some such nonsense. :rofl:

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