TRUMP TO DEMS: ‘Come Back from Vacation NOW’ and FUND THE WALL | Sean Hannity

President Trump called-out congressional Democrats from the Oval Office Monday; demanding left-wing legislators return to the nation’s capital and fully fund border security.

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The only ones who care that the gov’t is shut down is the media and the Dims. I’d like to know why they care more about illegals than the federal employees - who ARE citizens.

I’d like to know why they keep trying to convince Americans that the wall “won’t work” when in fact we DON’T have a wall to know if it WILL WORK - which, of course, it will.

The real reason Dims are angry is because of Trump’s tax cuts the for middle class. Now the elite rich like Pelosi and Schumer have to pay more in taxes via the tax/interest deduction limit. That’s what they’re REALLY angry about. Having to pay more. They don’t really care about the working class as they claim. They represent themselves.

I’d also like to know why Pelosi cares more about the illegals than about the homeless crisis in her own state.


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It has come time for the American People to vote these Hemaphroditic neoliths out of office before they do some real damage to our great Country that so many died for and others that will always bare the wounds of engagement with the enemy, i.e. ISIS et. al. Let’s go folks ! Get off the couch, get on the phone, call your elected officials and TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT ! My GOD, isn’t enough to see a police officer gunned down on a routine traffic stop ? And most of us folks don’t see what goes on re: our Military…get with it !
Dr. Mike Veteran / Patriot.

The people who belong in this country are SOLIDLY behind this PRESIDENT. The ones who want to destroy our republic are lining up in the wrong side of history. They are going to lose. ONE way or ANOTHER. I sure hope the President know how much we’re behind him. It’s us against them.

Chuck Schumer’s wants $29 Billion. For a tunnel in New York. But don’t want to cough up $5 Billion for a border wall. This is hypocrisy in a bigger way.

How terribly sad it is that it has to be “us against them” when what really matters is that we can come together & work our differences out! We’re all patriots who want this country to prosper.

Not so. Some (mostly lunatics on the left and power mad politicians) could give a rats dead butt about coming together to be patriots and work it out. They want to have ultimate power, and wish that we (American Patriots, God Fearing - peaceful people) would just DIE. They do not want to compromise. They just want us to stop breathing. HOW – TELL ME – HOW are we supposed to negotiate with the likes of those that are of that mindset.

BELIEVE me … the wall is necessary to keep the bad guys out. THEY KNOW it works, but they don’t want the bad guy to stay out. They want them to come in and destroy and cause major chaos. That is how they get the simple minded to gladly relinquish the few rights they have that remain. We are in a fight for the existence of polite society. There are plenty of ravenous monsters that want in to rape and pillage. We just want a barrier, and they just want ultimate power. There is no way to ‘work this out’ the sides are light years apart. We cannot save our country without major bloodshed and havoc. Believe it.

These politicians are more concerned with giving President Trump a victory (on anything) than doing what is right for our country. They will continue to resist him as long as their “major” donors keep up their fight. As soon as they stop, changes will occur overnight. That is where we are at in our politics today.