Trump to cut aid to three Mexican countries

None of which, btw, happen to be Mexico :mexico: :man_shrugging:

Checks out. My mother in law now just assumes any brownish person with an accent is Mexican.


Good thing that Trump has rolled many of the relaxed travel reforms towards the Mexican Cuba enacted by Hussein Obama.

Well you see much they hate Mexico Island, which libz call Puerto Rico.


Aren’t Puerto Ricons simply shipwrecked Mexicans?


It must really burn the biscuits of well-educated Trumpers (which do exist) to know that the bulk of the MAGAt crowd are semi-literate morons.


I doubt it. I’m sure they simply think of them as useful idiots.

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So true!

Are we giving any aid to the 4 Canadian countries in North America?


Steve Bannon himself once more or less referred to trump as a useful idiot.

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Am I the only person who has ever heard someone say “He’s speaking Mexican”.

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Must be the same person who displayed this map: fox_news_middle_east_map

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How perfect!

A newschannel of idiots, for idiots!


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Good for Obese Donald!

That is a start.

Only what 75 or 80 countries to go?

Insert sage reference to the state of geographic knowledge among folks in general here.

Also … just for the funny …

“The sun has risen and the sun has set and here we are in Texas yet, driving.” – unattributed

Close enough for government work.

5 out of 6 wins thousands in the Texas Lottery.

In cartography … not so much.

It’s like that one scene in Saturday the 14th when the inept character writes “667” on the wall.


I’m glad I don’t spend my time searching for blips on a network I hate.

Luckily, it doesn’t take searching because social media lit up almost immediately.


You’d think that would be obvious. But take any opportunity to chip the mean folks that point out the terribleness of Fox News.

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