Trump to commute blago sentence

Just being reported that trump is going to announce the commutation of blagojevich sentence for trying to sell a senate seat

Link to the story. No way should he be released early. He tried to sell a senate seat

Just goes to show Jeffrey Epstein acted too precipitously.

Trump probably would have given him a pardon, too.

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Donald loves corrupt swamp filth.


I agree with this.

Time served is an appropriate sentence.

I am surprised at the timing. Gutsy action by Trump.

Probably a commentary on the inconsistent prosecutions we have seen.


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In before:

  1. The President has the absolute right to pardon anyone convicted of a federal crime, for any reason or for no reason at all.
  2. Blagojevich was unfairly targeted by Deep State Democratic operatives.
  3. What about all the egregious pardons handed out by Democratic presidents?
  4. Sorry libs - Up Is Down.
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Swamp Filth Democrat is OK because he appeared on The Apprentice.

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No…Blagojevich deserved what he got.

But he was on The Apprentice…that covers up a lot of sins.

It really is just that simple…

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And his family hired former Trump aides to lobby on his behalf. And his wife went on State Telev…er…Fox News and bashed Obama, Comey, and other Trump foils. And voila, a commutation.

8 years in jail and never a public office again is just.

Marion Berry managed to get elected after serving his time. I don’t think Blago will.

It was a dirty deal to extort campaign money for the seat and he paid for it.


Eight years in jail is a long time for attempted extortion.

He abused his office by dealing the appointment. No question there.

Will be interesting to dig back into the details…I am fuzzy on how he got caught. That doesn’t happen very often.


Do you think what he did warrants more jail time than murderer’s and rapists typically serve? Since all of his crimes were only made possible because he held office, why isn’t forbidding him from ever holding office again adequate in regard to protecting the public? I’m no Blago fan by any stretch but I still think his sentence was excessive.


It’s times like this when I wish the old board was archived.

I remember what all of you guys had to say about Blago, 10 or so years ago.

How times have changed.


Why am I not surprised that Donnie Republicans get all soft and squishy when it comes to white collar corruption and crime.

Shrug limply and look away.

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I’ve said it numerous times here. I firmly believe any politician convicted of any corruption should serve double jail time for breach of public trust

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He is complete and total garbage. Screw him.


If the old board were still here, you wouldn’t find me saying his sentence should be longer than most murderers served. That he was a dirt bag, sure. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. I don’t like people who double park either, that doesn’t mean I think we should throw them in jail for 12 years.


Yes, but protection of the public is not the only consideration.

Was this something you felt strongly about before half an hour ago?



All those “Drain the Swamp” people must be feeling really stupid right now.

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