Trump To Campaign In omar's Minnesota District

This 2020 election is over already, thr dimocrats just don’t realize it yet. Watch people line up by the thousands in the blue state. They know what kind of scam the dimocrats are pulling.

Taking the fight right into Cersei omar’s (D- King’s Landing) district, proving how weak and insignificant she really is.


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Ilhan Omar won over 70% of the vote.

I doubt that the President is going to move that needle.

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4 More Years!

4 More Years!

4 More Years! …


Excellent news… I think he should spend 1/2 to 3/4 of his campaigning in her district all the way up till Nov 2020…


Has Trump backed one of the four GOP primary candidates?


Once will be enough.

So much for Cersei.


Oh this is great. What are the odds he says racist things?

I encourage him to waste his time somewhere he can’t possibly make a difference.


“No better lunch than a Trump Tower Muslim Bowl. I love the Islamists!”


The campaigner-in-chief rides again. Too bad I’m on my phone and can’t bring up all those tweets of him complaining about Obama campaigning.

Gee…isn’t he afraid?

Perfect GOP candidate.

Wait, the President campaigning there proves how weak she is there? She got 70% of the vote. You’re basing your case on your hypothetical fantasy about how big his rally is going to probably maybe hopefully be? Awesome!

How does this prove anything?she’s a congresswoman. It’s not a gang war of holding corners

Trump might tell all non-whites to go back to their own countries.

The democrats assumed the 2016 election was over in 2015.

Look at how that turned out…

I just laugh at predictions this far out.

Yeah…I’ll bet those voters are quite pleased with their choice…as more and more is revealed? :sunglasses:

More and more such as?

Think she will get to 80% next year?

Wanna bet a pizza on it? I do. :sunglasses: